Moose visits woman in Fort Kent

3 August 2012

TWILIGHT VISITOR - On a hot, sweaty and buggy Wednesday night, Gertrude Thibodeau's neighbor, Herman Pelletier, called her and said 'Someone's looking at your flowers.'  When Gert went outside of her Fort Kent home, she found a young male moose had come to her property. She said, 'He was walking through the flowers and just decided to take a rest.'  Herman and Gertrude interacted with the moose for about twenty minutes, taking pictures and getting quite close.  Pelletier even touched the moose.  Thibodeau said the moose appeared skinny, but was steady on his hooves.  After twenty minutes, the moose left the flower garden and went back into the woods.  - Herman Pelletier image



...ole Gert was pushing her luck getting that close to a wild animal of that size.