Maine Winter Sports Center roasts Currier in team building orientation

30 June 2012

STOCKHOLM – On June 23, at Maine Winter Sports Center’s annual athlete team orientation, athletes and community members gathered to share a good meal at Eureka Hall in Stockholm and to roast MWSC athlete and Stockholm native Russell Currier, who turned 25 on June 27.

MWSC has been recently improving and strengthening relationships between the organization’s cross-country athletes and the biathletes.

At the roast, MWSC coach Will Sweetser shared some stories about Currier’s drive and discipline and some funny stories about him, as did Tom Campbell, Dave Strainge, Hilary McNamee, Nick Michaud, and Currier himself.

“You can’t have success as an athlete without the community’s support,” said Sweetser, in his brief speech to the gathered athletes and community members, who also included Currier’s mother. He said the Maine Winter Sports Center has been developing a new synergy between the cross-country athletes and the biathletes. Each group of athletes has different strengths that help each other to reach their goals.

Currier spoke about the time that he spends with his training partners, including both members of his team in New York and members of the MWSC center, outside of athletic training sessions. He said they get together for bonfires, barbeques, and movie marathons as often as they can.

Currier, who has been training since he was 14-years-old, has been involved with the 10th Mountain Ski Center since the early days of the venue, a little over a decade ago.

He said, “It was a good opportunity and I was lucky enough to be able to capitalize on it.”

Currier scored World Cup points for the first time in his career last season, with two top six finishes and placing within the top 30 positions worldwide for a part of the season. With those placements, the International Biathlon Union will provide the maximum level of financial support to him.

Sweetser called it a big step forward, a huge leap, and said, “It’s so unusual to go from never scoring any World Cup points to a top 10 finish.”