Madawaska Police BLOGGER - July 2012

31 July 2012

Blog ending midnight, 31 July 2012

23:15 - A person made a noise complaint at another person's residence.  The officer said there was no music playing, but the other person was speaking very loudly.  The officer asked him to keep it down.

17:30 - Officer assisted the fire department with traffic control.

16:40 - 911. A woman called to say her brother was being belligerent to his mother who was having a heart attack.  An officer went to the residence.  The caller and the belligerent person were gone.  The officer stayed with the mother until the ambulance arrived.

14:30 - An officer assisted with the fire on 11th Avenue.

12:35 - A woman reported that her mother's prescription morphine pills went missing.

10:00 - An officer collected unused medications from local healthcare facilities.

09:40 - A man reports that a dump truck spilled gravel at the intersection of Third and Main.  The officer contacted the owner and he will take care of it.

09:30 - A woman had a stray dog.  An officer located the owner and picked up the dog.

09:20 - A man wants to pursue charges on an individual who allegedly tampered with his camera. 

08:00 - A person was locked out of their vehicle.

07:40 - A woman heard that a child was on drugs.

07:10 - An officer attempted to contact the women in reference to the missing gun.  He wrote, "I believe she was home, but would not answer the door."

07:00 - A man reported that a woman called him and told him he will get the gun back when he "stops freaking out."

06:30 - A man called about the woman who took his handgun.  The officer spoke with the woman, and she told him she doesn't have the man's gun.

03:30 - A local business was unsecured.  The officer notified a person and a man came down to take care of it.

Blog ending midnight, 30 July 2012

22:10 - A man reports that another man broke the windshield of his car by punching it.

20:10 - A man called saying he believed a woman had taken his revolver.  The officer located the woman on Main Street. She had no weapon on her.  Both people were drunk.

19:45 - Officer says the construction is damaging several American flags on Main Street.  The officer spoke with a man, and he will take the flags down until it is safe to put them back up.

 17:30 - An officer interviewed a man in reference to a theft complaint.

13:00 - A woman reported she gave a man some of her narcotic medications.  The people had a falling out, and she wants her pills back.  The officer went to get the pills from the man, and then he charged the woman for furnishing drugs.

10:30 - A person at a local convenience store reports a someone drove a Canadian vehicle away without paying for gas.

08:30 - A construction company needed someone to move a vehicle from a construction site.

10:05 - A person at a health care facility reports a man had left.  The caller wanted someone to pick up the man and take him to Northern Maine Medical Center for evaluation.

08:45 - An officer contacted a woman regarding a parent and a bad check.

Blog ending midnight, 29 July 2012

20:35 - An officer served a protection order.

18:45 - An officer unlocked a vehicle for a person.

18:20 - An officer made contact with the owner of a dog in reference to the barking complaint earlier.

16:45 - A person locked his keys in his vehicle.

12:50 - Person complains about a barking dog.

11:15 - A local merchant reports a shoplifter.

Blog ending midnight, 28 July 2012

NO TIME LISTED - Traffic violation for no taillights.

NO TIME LISTED - A person reported "bang-snaps" near Twin Rivers.

12:30 - A man reports that another man had turned one of the security cameras away from his construction site.

10:00 - A man reports a bottle of hydrocodone is missing.  The caller gave the name of a suspect.

Blog ending midnight, 27 July 2012

23:30 - Traffic violation for littering.

20:00 - A man returned a trap.

19:40 - Caller reports a traffic accident.  There is property damage, but no injuries.

18:51 - Traffic violation for speed on Main Street.

Blog ending midnight, 26 July 2012

23:45 - An officer advised a woman that a man wants her out of the residence at some point tomorrow.  She said she would make arrangements after work.  Both were intoxicated.

23:10 - Domestic issue.  An officer spoke with a man at his parent's house.  He wants police to remove a woman from the man's house.  While the officer spoke with the man, he "had a change of heart and decided to stay [at his parents] and let [the woman] stay at his house for the night..."

20:15 - Domestic issue. A couple was having a conflict. There was no assault.  Both parties agreed to get along.

17:00 - A man reports someone driving erratically was following him.

15:55 - A trucker reports he saw a pontoon boat floating down the river by St. David and no one was in the boat.  It was the mill doing some work.

15:30 - A woman reports she witnessed two people enter a vacant house.  An officer located relatives of the owners inside the house.  The officer sent them on their way.

13:45 - Officer served a harassment notice.

13:53 - An officer spoke with a man about his barking dog.

10:45 - Traffic violation on Fox Street for speed.

09:57 - Traffic violation on Fox street for speed.

07:00 - Caller says that a lot of ATVs are speeding on Fox street with loud exhaust noise.

00:30 - Assisted the police chief with a search of a vehicle on a traffic stop.

Blog ending midnight, 25 July 2012

17:00 - Caller had questions about harassing phone calls.

14:00 - Officer advised a man to stay away from some apartments.

11:27 - Advised a person that a man retunred plates and registration to the town office.

08:20 - A truck hit a telephone pole at the mill.

01:45 - Officer stopped a man on suspicion of OUI.  He was okay.

00:59 - Officer found an unlocked basement door and locked it.

Blog ending midnight, 24 July 2012

21:20 A woman though the FBI was tracking her laptop.  The officer advised her that perhaps a virus had infected her computer.

21:05 - A woman called the fire department because a water pipe had broken at her building.  She was in the street yelling at a man.  The officer strongly advised her to calm down, or he would arrest her for disorderly conduct.

21:00 - A woman said a man keeps going to an apartment building.  He is very drunk and he is a nuisance. 

19:10 - Officer joined in a search for a person who left a care facility.  They found the person within an hour.

18:45 - A woman said she was going to another woman's house to tell the woman that her daughter was involved in a serious traffic accident.  

13:22 - A care facility reports an out-of-control patient.  The ambulance will transport the person to Northern Maine Medical center.

09:30 - A woman said that a man was at her shop.  The officer met with the man and advised him to stop texting the woman or going to her place of work, or the officer will charge him.

12:40 - 911. Caller reports a vehicle was in the road.  The people had backed it out to jump-start the vehicle.

09:20 - A man came into the station for advice on his concerns.

Blog ending midnight, 23 July 2012

23:20 - A woman reported a man had been knocking on her door.  The officer advised the man to stop harassing the woman.

22:03 - Noise complaint.  The officer asked two couples to leave.

21:10 - A woman reported a theft.

19:00 - A 17-year-old came to the station to pick up a cease harassment order.  The officer advised him that since he was a minor, he should have a parent with him.

17:00 - Officer served a harassment paper to a woman.

16:30 - A person reports that a woman fell and went to the hospital.

13:17 - A woman said she will fill out a statement and call afterwards.

13:15 - An officer escorted a possible mental subject to NMMC for evaluation.

11:20 - A woman reports that two men were yelling and threatening her.

10:07 - An officer met with a man about his behavior.

10:00 - A caller reported that a woman was driving without a license.

09:00 - An officer advised a man that he needs to take the plates off of a truck he bought and drop them off at the station.

01:00 - An officer issued a defect card for no rear lights.

00:40 - Two-car traffic accident.  No injuries.

Blog ending midnight, 22 July 2012

22:05 - A man is having a heated argument with a female friend.

21:35 - A person reports that a man is still using the plates of a truck he bought from another man.

20:20 - A woman reports that a relative is on drugs.

18:30 - Caller reports there is a dirt bike on 16th Avenue.

17:35 - A woman reports she has issues with her father.

17:00 - A woman requests that a sibling should stay away from the residence unless she has a police scort.

15:55 - A man asks police to pick up belongings at a woman's house.

15:50 - A woman had questions about fireworks.

14:25 - A woman asked if she could go back to her mother's residence to check on her. The officer recommended she stay away.

13:50 - Traffic violation for speed.

11:40 - Traffic violation for inspection..

11:30 - A man asked for an officer to direct traffic so he could back a trailer into the street.  When the officer arrived, the trailer was already blocking both lanes and had traffic jammed up in both directions.  The officer was unsure why the man called and then decided to go ahead without the officer.

11:05 - A person reports that a man is driving fast.

09:30 - A woman reports someone had kicked in the back door of a house.

Blog ending midnight, 21 July 2012

21:15 A man struck a deer.

16:15 - 911 hang-up.  Officer made contact, and there were no issues.

13:15 - A woman reports someone left a small dog in a vehicle.  The officer said all the windows were open, the dog was doing well, and it was not hot inside the car.

11:20 - Traffic violation for parking in a handicapped spot.

Blog ending midnight, 20 July 2012

18:00 - Domestic issue.  An argument started, and both parties called the police. 

13:20 - The sheriff took a swab for DNA evidence.

12:30 - A woman reports a civil matter with a brother.

11:40 - A woman wanted to know how to get a protection order for someone she knows.

08:50 - A man reported a hit-and-run.

Blog ending midnight, 19 July 2012

21:49 - An officer advised a woman that fireworks are coming from a house, and he also advised her of state law.

21:36 - Person complains about fireworks on 11th Avenue.  The officer advised the caller that the time to stop is 10 p.m.

17:00 - Caller reported there are three trees down in the trail behind the courthouse.

15:20 - A woman called with questions about her brother's actions.

15:10 - An officer assisted a man in retrieving his medications.

14:10 - A woman wants an officer to warn a man to stop following her.

13:40 - A woman reports she received suspicious phone messages.

09:30 - A man reports Internet fraud.

09:00 - Directed traffic.

07:35 - 911. Hang-up.  Everything is all set.

06:55 - Traffic violation for speeding.

Blog ending midnight, 18 July 2012

22:30 - Man reports that a small car just turned off of 14th Avenue and nearly struck a fence.  He said the car was going about 70 mph and nearly lost control.

19:39 - Traffic violation for speeding on Route 1.

19:22 - Traffic violation for no insurance and expired inspection and registration.

12:05 - Issued a summons for providing liquor to minors.

10:40 - Officer spoke to a man after receiving a complaint from the Post Office, and advised him that police would charge him if he "acted in the manner again."

Blog ending midnight, 17 July 2012

18:56 - A woman reports that her brother has hit her several times in the past.  She did not want anything done today, but wanted it on file.

16:50 - A man called to report that a car was stuck near a golf course.

11:30 - Officer followed up on an investigation.

Blog ending midnight, 16 July 2012

17:05 - A woman complained of a strong odor of fuel oil coming from the neighboring building.  An officer spoke with a building tenant.  The tenant stated they have made complaints to the building owner.  The officer advised that she contact the health officer.

15:05 - A man came to the station in regards to a complaint.

14:38 - A woman called from out-of-state for information on her daughter-in-law. The officer advised the woman that they no longer reside in Madawaska.

14:21 - Person made a complaint about someone speeding on a road.

14:10 - A woman followed up on a complaint the health officer received.

13:35 - A woman had questions regarding a phone scam.

11:58 - The sheriff's office requested an officer pick up evidence on one of their cases.

01:00 - Caller reports someone struck a moose on West Main Street.

Blog ending midnight, 15 July 2012

20:35 - A caller reports a man and woman are fighting at the ATV trail intersection.  Both subjects were on the same ATV.

20:15 - Caller reports someone abandoned an ATV.  The ATV was broken down, and the owner was picking it up when the officer arrived.

15:32 - An officer advised a man that he has until 8 p.m. to pay his bill.

15:01 - Traffic violation for operating a vehicle while under suspension and no insurance.

11:45 - A man reports someone is harassing him over the phone.  In the past, the police have warned the person who is making the calls. 

11:42 - A store reports a gas drive-off.  A woman was driving the car, and the officer summonsed her for driving while under suspension.

10:36 - Officer summonsed two people for shoplifting.

07:22 - State police report that a man assaulted two people at a house in Grand Isle.

Blog ending midnight, 14 July 2012

23:35 - A man reports he struck a fox and damaged his car.

23:35 - A male reports that a group of kids are harassing him and his friends when they come to town.  The caller was unable to identify the kids.

22:05 - A man from out-of-state said he is vacationing with his family.  When he tried to cross into Canada, the Canadians refused him entry due to a lack of documentation for the children.  He said he felt two cars have been following him, and he is starting to become concerned.

21:55 - A woman called to complain about fireworks.  The officer advised the woman that the person shooting the fireworks was within the law, until 22:00.

21:40 - A male asked about launching fireworks, and the officer said he had to do it before 22:00.

20:55 - Served a subpoena.

18:45 - A man reports he had a "falling out" with a female in another town.  There are civil issues regarding property.

18:15 - Alarm at a local business.  The keyholder and the officer were unable to identify the reason, and they reset the alarm.

15:16 - A man called about another man parking in the road in front of his own camp.  The officer said it appears to be a civil issue regarding right-of-way and property side of the road.  The officer observed and photographed that someone had set up several cameras facing the second man's camp and two cameras facing directly at a woman's back yard and front yard.

12:49 - A man wants an officer to tell another man to stay away from his building.  A person reported that several tenants say the man drinks with another person and harasses everyone, especially a person's girlfriend.

11:27 - A woman came in for a protection order.  The officer told her to go to the Fort Kent court on Monday.

Blog ending midnight, 13 July 2012

23:05 - Traffic violation for displaying blue lights.  The driver taped blue construction paper over the fog lights.

22:14  - Directed traffic.

22:00 - Person reports that kids are throwing firecrackers from a vehicle.  The officer was unable to make contact.

21:50 - A man reports that a couple was riding an ATV up-and-down a residential street.  The officer was unable to make contact, and the ATV was not at the couple's home.

18:35 - A woman asked for a well-being check on her mother.

17:55 - A person turned in a set of keys.

17:30 - A person reports fraudulent activity on her debit card.

15:00 - Directed traffic.

12:16 - Directed Traffic.

NO TIME LISTED - A man is causing an inconvenience at a local restaurant.

Blog ending midnight, 12 July 2012

29:40 - Domestic dispute between a husband and wife.

19:10 - An officer issued a summons for furnishing liquor to minors.

18:25 - Person reports a small accident.

18:20 - A person reports a small accident.

16:25 - A man complains of ATVs crossing on a residential street.

16:10 - A woman was laying down on the lawn in front of a funeral home.  A person asked her to leave, but the person refused.  The officer had the woman move on.

Blog ending midnight, 11 July 2012

23:40 - Report of a dog barking.

20:10 - A man reports "issues with his daughter."

19:10 - A man reports "issues with his daughter."

18:30 - Report of a barking dog.

18:20 - Report of a barking dog.

17:50 - Officer spoke to suspects in reference to providing alcohol to minors.

17:37 - A woman has questions about the "sex registry".

16:16 - An officer brought a paper to the mill for the town office.

10:00 - Person complains about a dog barking at night on the lake.

04:30 - A woman complained that a man has been harassing her while she walks at night.

Blog ending midnight, 10 July 2012

22:51 - Traffic accident on West Main Street.  Officer issued a written warning for speeding.

22:50 - Officer followed up with an investigation.

19:25 - Man asked the dispatcher to log that a woman had called him by phone.

18:40 - Person reports underage drinking.

14:15 - Officer wartned a camp owner that he should not be burning brush in his fire pit.  The officer advised the man to get a permit.

11:00 - Report for a damaged vehicle.

00:36 - A man reported that someone stole a tricycle from his front yard.

Blog ending midnight, 9 July 2012

23:42 - An officer warned three men sitting at a restaurant to pick up the trash by their trucks.

21:00 - Assisted the paranedics on a medical call.

20:49 - A man called to ask how another man was doing after an accident.

19:56 - A man complains about a dog that is barking on a residential street.

18:58 - The elementary school alarm went off.

18:58 - Traffic accident.  A truck smashed the front porch of a house.

18:45 - Traffic violation for speeding on Main Street.

17:30 - A man reports harassment.  The officer listened to the voice mail.  It seemed like a pocket dial.

16:40 - A traffic accident

15:50 - An officer warned a man to stop calling the taxi cab.

15:30 - A man reports a woman is harassing him.

15:10 - An assistant district attorney called regarding an ongoing investigation.

11:30 - A man reports someone stole his oxycodone.

Blog ending midnight, 8 July 2012

23:50 - Traffic violation for a burned headlight.

21:02 - Traffic violation for imprudent speed.

14:40 - A caller reports that a man's daughter is driving without a license.

14:10 - A person from NMMC is trying to contact another doctor.

08:40 - Caller reports a loose dog on 13th Avenue.

Blog ending midnight, 7 July 2012

23:30 - Assisted an ambulance at a residence.

21:00 - A person reports someone broke into her house three months ago.

20:29 - Traffic violation for speed on Route 1.

20:02 - Traffic violation for speed on Main Street.

15:45 - Officer issued a summons to a person for operating an ATV on a public way.

NO TIME LISTED - Caller reports a person fell in front of the town office.

10:20 - A person reports that a man is motionless in a parked vehicle.

09:40 - 911 hang-up.

09:20 - Caller had questions about fireworks.

02:00 - A person was yelling and screaming at an apartment on a residential street. The officer made contact with a person who was outside, on a phone and yelling.  The officer advised the person to keep it down.

01:15 - An officer gave a couple a warning about noise.

01:10 - An officer heard firecrackers coming from a bar.  The officer observed a woman throwing firecrackers.  The officer advised her to stop setting them off and took the remaining firecrackers.

Blog ending midnight, 6 July 2012

22:03 - A man reports he extinguished a small fire in a parking lot.

20:55 - Traffic violation for no lights.

19:50 - Traffic violation for studded tires.

19:06 - A woman's dogs are barking.

18:36 - An officer issued a summons to a woman for operating under a suspended license.

17:50 - Traffic violation for imprudent speed.

17:10 - A man reports that someone broke into his apartment and stole his hydrocodone pills.

Blog ending midnight, 5 July 2012

20:30 - A man crashed his power glider into several trees and was unable to get out.  Edmundston rescued and lowered him from approximately 50 feet.  The man was uninjured.

19:00 - A person walked away from a healthcare facility.  The officer located the person and returned him to the facility.

15:30 - A man reports that two days before he almost struck a young girl, possibly five years old, riding a small motorcycle on a road.  The officer writes, "This girl would be one of the many ATV complaints we've been receiving lately." 

14:45 - Person reported a minor traffic accident at the water district.  The caller said there was no damage to either vehicle.

12:30 - A man complains that another man's dogs are defecating in a business parking lot.  The officer spoke with the owner, and he will clean the area.

09:00 - Officer spoke with a man about his motorcycle parked on a street.  The man said the cycle was broken, and he would move it by noon.

00:16 - Traffic violation for operating a vehicle while under suspension.

Blog ending midnight, 4 July 2012

22:42 - A man called multiple times.  He was extremely intoxicated.

21:24 - An officer made contact with a camp owner.

21:15 - An ambulance took a man to the hospital.

20:45 - A man reports that another man is causing a disturbance with ATVs and dirt bikes.

20:20 - A man wanted a report about a previous incident.  The man was extremely drunk.  The officer wrote, "I will speak to him when sober."

19:55 - A man reports his neighbor cut down a tree and destroyed his grill.  The neighbor agreed to replace it.

12:30 - Person locked himself or herself out of a vehicle.

11:00 - ATV complaint at a location. The ATVs were gone when the officer arrived.

10:50 a.m. - Served a protection order.

10:30 - Officer followed up on an illegal dumping complaint.  The officer issued a warning to stop dumping.

Blog ending midnight, 3 July 2012

18:15 - A man asked to have a vehicle moved for paving.

15:20 - Caller reports illegal dumping on a property across the street from a residence.

14:30 - A woman reports a falling branch struck her while she was on an ATV trail.  There is a logging operation in progress.  The officer spoke with the landowner.  The caller was uninjured.

14:30 - Chief met with Fort Kent PD in Frenchville for a protection order to serve to a Madawaska citizen.

13:35 - Chief spoke with a man at the Maine Department of Transportation regarding a need to change the speed limit on Lake Shore Road.

07:45 - A woman reported that a dog attacked her dog while she was walking on a street.

05:30 - An officer tried to serve a protection order, but no one was home.

01:30 - Report of fireworks on a street.  The officer was unable to make contact.

Blog ending midnight, 2 July 2012

21:00 - Caller reports an assault.  Police arrested the person.

20:30 - Traffic violation for speeding on Gagnon Road.

15:05 - Two-vehicle accident on Main Street.

14:45 - Person met with a citizen regarding an on-going harassment complaint.

14:30 - A woman reports a man, driving a red pickup, threw a pack of firecrackers out of his window as she was driving by.  The woman was unable to recognize the driver and failed to get a plate number.

Blog ending midnight, 1 July 2012

22:15 - A caller reports a tweener is out of control

NO TIME LISTED - A woman reports someone assauklted her in Grand Isle.  The officer contacted the state police..

NO TIME LISTED - A man reports someone put Vaseline on his vehicle last night.

NO TIME LISTED - A man reports he is having trouble with his ex-wife.  He will seek a protection order in the morning.

15:00 - Officer helped a man with a domestic issue.

10:00 - A man reports he had set up a trail camera to help secure some building materials at a construction site.  When the man checked it, he discovered someone had taken the device.

01:10 - A woman reports someone tried to enter her house.

00:50 - A man reports someone smeared an unknown substance on his truck.

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