Eagle Lake teen rolls car

10 August 2012

FORT KENT -At approximately 8:30 p.m. Thursday evening, August 9, an Eagle Lake woman rolled her vehicle on Route 11 south of Fort Kent.


AIR BAGS DEPLOYED - Officials are saying air bags deployed when a woman rolled her vehicle on Thursday night. - Cody Anderson image

According to officials at the scene, Fort Kent EMS responded to the single vehicle accident.

Kelly Gross, age 17 of Eagle Lake, was driving a 2000 Subaru Legacy.  She was travelling southbound on Aroostook Road when the driver swerved to avoid a rabbit.  The force of the swerve caused the vehicle to slide out of control before it left the roadway, partly rolling over on the shoulder of the road.

Officials estimate the damage to the vehicle is over $5000.

An ambulance transported the driver to Northern Maine Medical Center for evaluation, with no major injuries.


ACCIDENT IN THE NIGHT - Eagle Lake resident Kelly Gross escaped major injuries after she swerved to avoid a rabbit and rolled her car on Thursday night. - Cody Anderson image

According to the driver, the vehicle's airbags did not deploy, and the driver was wearing her seatbelt.  


I rarely swerve for an small animal on the highway...

...I keep on going. If it's a moose I come to a complete stop and let him cross the road at his leisure. Many years ago I ran over a rabbit with my 1963 Corvair. At this time of the year there are so many chipmunks on the road it's hard to avoid running over them.

Under the bumper, let it

Under the bumper, let it thumper. Wise words of my driver ed teacher.