Downed tree cuts power to Cross Lake area

27 August 2012

CROSS LAKE- Wild weather was likely responsible for a large pine tree falling on some power lines along Route 161 in Cross Lake this afternoon that knocked out power in that area according to Deputy Kris Malmborg of the Aroostook County Sheriff's Office. 

2012-08-27 04.52.14

Traffic skirted around the end of a massive pine tree that fell on some power lines along Route 161 in Cross Lake Monday afternoon after a storm blew through the area. - Pettengill Jerkins image

A rain storm crossed Route 161 around 5 p.m. Monday afternoon. Malmborg said a witness told him that the rain was so heavy, he was unable to see where he was driving. A short time later, reports came in of a downed tree crossing the road and power went out in the Cross Lake area. 

Malmborg reported to the scene to assess the damage and to direct traffic around the potentially dangerous situation. He found the tree balancing on some power lines and the poles on either side of it leaning with the weight of the massive pine. The tree spanned both lanes of Route 161 and vehicles had to drive partly into the ditch to skirt around it. At least one power line snapped under the weight and was coiled in the wet grass along the roadway. 

2012-08-27 04.59.48

Maine Public Service sliced the tree into pieces to remove it from the lines. - Pettengill Jerkins image

Maine Public Service responded to cut power to the lines and then proceeded to saw the tree into sections and to remove it from the line and roadway. A Maine Department of Transportation official also responded to the scene to help direct traffic. 

Malmborg said the power could be out for a couple of hours, depending on how long it took to secure the poles and replace the snapped wire. 

There were no injuries in the incident. 

2012-08-27 05.01.06

- Pettengill Jerkins image


That's interesting...

...I travel that road every week and I still see trees that blew down two years ago laying across the phone lines. It's almost as though no on cares.