And the cuts begin, Madawaska slashes two positions

17 July 2012

MADAWASKA – In the wake of the recent Board of Selectmen’s decision to partially grant an abatement request from the Twin Rivers Paper mill, two long-time employees at the recreation department received notification that the town cut their positions.

The board cut two full-time maintenance positions, effectively laying off Alan Beaulieu who has worked for the town for 13 years, and Roland Paradis, who worked for the town for more than 20 years. Town Manager Christine Therrien said she notified the employees yesterday (July 16).

“Those were the two positions that we identified that we could start with,” said Therrien.

The board meets this afternoon (July 17) at 4:30 for the first time since they decided last week to offer the mill a $25 million abatement on their request for their 2011 taxes. The town has yet to determine how deeply the cuts will impact the municipality. The mill has 60 days to appeal the board’s decision with the state.

“The board had said a year ago that we’d be looking at everything, and everything is on the table,” said Therrien.   


The math does not add up!

What on earth does firing two people have to do with being short-changed millions of dollars? Or is this only the beginning or more to come?