24 hours, 4 accidents, more than $28,000 in damage

22 August 2012

FORT KENT– A family member transported one driver in a three-car pile-up to Northern Maine Medical Center after an afternoon car accident, one of four separate car accidents that occurred in Fort Kent within 24 hours of each other, said Fort Kent Police Officer Dalen Boucher. Boucher was the investigating officer for all four incidents.

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TRIPLE VEHICLE ACCIDENT - A Jeep rear-ended a car pushing the car into the back of a pick-up in front of the St. Louis Catholic Church. - Pettengill Jerkins image

Damage from the four accidents totaled approximately $28,750.

The accident occurred on August 21 at approximately 1:30 p.m. Twenty-one year-old Kayla Pelletier of Hermon, Maine, was stopped in front of the St. Louis Catholic Church parking lot to make a right-hand turn in a 2011 Dodge pickup registered to Peter Beaulieu.

Twenty-year-old Hilary Lavoie of Frenchville, driving a 2007 Pontiac, was stopped behind Pelletier waiting for her to complete her turn.

A 17-year-old juvenile from Fort Kent driving a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee failed to stop in time and drove his vehicle into the rear-end of Lavoie’s car. Lavoie in turn hit the rear of Pelletier’s pickup.

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- Pettengill Jerkins image

Lavoie did not call for an ambulance, said Boucher, but her mother transported her to the hospital after the accident.

Twin’s Service Station in Fort Kent towed her vehicle, which sustained approximately $9000 worth of damage, from the scene of the accident.

Both of the two other vehicles involved in the incident drove away after Boucher cleared the scene. The pickup sustained approximately $1400 worth of damage, and the Jeep had radiator damage.

The second incident on August 21 occurred in the Fort Kent Community High School parking lot, at approximately 2:40 p.m. Two vehicles, which 16-year-old juveniles drove, were involved.

One was driving a 2002 GMC pickup and the other, a 2011 Ford Focus. According to Boucher, the driver of the pickup drove into the passenger door of the Focus as that individual was driving by. The car sustained approximately $8000 worth of damage, and the pickup sustained approximately $1200 worth of damage.

The third incident on August 21 occurred at approximately 4 p.m., in the parking lot of Creative Apparel. Alice Boutot, 55, of Winterville was driving her 2001 Dodge dual wheel pickup out of her parking space and damaged the front end of the 2007 Honda in the adjacent parking space as she pulled out. Nancy Albert, 49, of St. Francois, New Brunswick owned the Honda. The car sustained approximately $2000 worth of damage, and the pickup had approximately $150 worth of damage.

The first accident of the four occurred on Frenchville Road at approximately 5:30 p.m. on August 20. Jacqueline Albert,55, of Madawaska was driving a 2005 Buick, headed away from Fort Kent, when an unidentified car in front of her slowed to make a right-hand turn into Edmund Pelletier’s driveway.

With the sun’s glare in her eyes, she was unable to see the turning car’s brake lights and made a quick swerve to the left to avoid the vehicle in front of her. She over-corrected on the return to her lane and lost control of her vehicle, driving into the right-hand ditch along the road.

The accident damaged her front end and radiator, causing approximately $7000 worth of damage.



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There will be no profanity this time around but the fiddlehead focus is the most unprofessional so called 'newspaper' there is. We asked politely not to post the pictures online and so did the families we did not want pictures taken yet you disrespectfully did anyway. Your story was exaggerated with false information used. Total garbage

Correcting information

If there is any information that is false or exaggerated, please contact us by phone or in-person during normal business hours, and we will address your concerns. Regarding pictures, there was one person at the scene who requested we refrain from photographing her. We followed that request.

I heard her asking whoever

I heard her asking whoever was taking pictures to stop taking pictures of her car

pushy comments

Only in such a small town would the subjects of a newspaper article accuse reporters of being unprofessional for reporting the news. These are traffic accidents, for crying out loud. What is unprofessional about reporting that? If your juvenile is a poor driver and needs more practice, or has possibly been a bit cavalier behind the wheel and has been showing off more than paying attention... then a little public embarassment might be a good thing to make him or her realize that driving is a privilege and a responsibility. Don't pick on the Fiddlehead focus for doing their job!

I was actually driving the

I was actually driving the pickup and my friend that was in the car asked it not be published and so did her mother because family members don't need to be seeing these pictures what was unprofessional was when we politely askedher to stop taking pictures and she refused


If you want the responsibility of driving, you need to accept the ramifications of not driving well or being part of a roadside legal situation.....If you're hiding this from someone, that's your issue, not the news organizations.

Incorrect information...

Actually Jackie Albert was travelling back from Fort Kent, towards Madawaska after visting her husband at Forest Hill Manor. Also, the damage was slighty over $4,000...no where near $7,000 that the article reported. Reporting incorrect information only feeds the small town syndrome of everyone knowing your business before they verify it from the source. Please check your facts next time.

Jeep looks familiar

The jeep that caused the accident looks really familiar to one I saw racing on a residental street recently. The kid was driving in the breakdown lane racing his friend at night time. The way he was driving was an accident waiting to happen and thankfully no one really got hurt this time around. I hope he wakes up or his parents wake up and realize he can really hurt someone the way he drives.