CMA ends with a bang

25 August 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY – The fifth Congrès mondial acadien finished with a grand day of celebration on Sunday, Aug. 24, after 17 days of celebration.

CMA officials had previously organized the communities from throughout the region into triplet groups. The final day of CMA celebrations began with the triplet communities meeting in their Temiscouata sibling's municipalities for a variety of activities. Activities included Masses, lunches, tours, exhibits, and other activities. The triplet communities included

cma end concert aug 25 2014

MUSIC - Roch Voisine (right) performs with the Group Suroit from les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec at the outdoor concert in the Clair Soleil Park on Aug. 24. - Contributed image

- Hamlin, St-André, Saint-Juste-du-Lac
- Wallagrass, Baker Brook, Saint-Eusèbe
- Van Buren, St-Léonard, Pohenégamook, Saint-Athanase
- Frenchville, Grand-Sault, Témiscouata-sur-Lac
- New Canada, Saint John Plantation, St-Hilaire, Biencourt
- St. Francis, St-François, Rivière-Bleu
- Portage Lake, Lac Baker, Packington, Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande
- Madawaska, Edmundston, Dégelis
- Drummond, Squatec, Cyr Plantation, Winterville
- Eagle Lake, Lac des Aigles, Rivière-Verte
- Fort Kent, Clair, Saint-Marc-du-lac-Long
- Grand Isle, Ste-Anne-du-Madawaska, Saint Honoré, Saint Pierre-de-Lamy
- Allagash, St-Quentin, Auclair, Lejeune
- St. Agatha, Kedgwick, Saint Elzéar, Saint-Louis-du-Ha-Ha
- Premieres Nations Malecites-Viger, Houlton, and Madawaska (took place in Témiscouata National Park)

cma end 1 aug 25 2014

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Following the activities, representatives from each triplet gathered to participate in a parade at the Clair Soleil Park in Temiscouata-sur-le-Lac, where organizers unveiled a sculpture at the Place de l'Acadie. Organizers held outdoor activities until the official closing ceremony organizers named, “A New Beginning” took place on a barge. A group of boats with the CMA colors surrounded the barge on Lake Temiscouata. At the ceremony, CMA officials unveiled that Prince Edward Island and southern New Brunswick will be the host region for the sixth Congrès mondial acadien in 2019.

Back in the Clair Soleil Park, the event Racines followed the New Beginning ceremony. Racines featured artists such as Yves Lambert, Édith Butler, Ingrid St-Pierre, Jean-François Breau, Marie-Ève Janvier, and Roch Voisine performing in an outdoor venue to a large audience. After the concert, organizers launched fireworks over Lake Temiscouata, which provided a banging finish to the fifth Congrès mondial acadien.

According to preliminary counts from CMA officials, the New Beginning ceremony and outdoor concert attracted more than 7,000 people to the events.

In addition, according to CMA organizers the 2014 CMA event attracted 8,000 people to the opening day celebrations in New Brunswick; 12,000 people to the Tintamarre and Acadian Day events in Madawaska; 20,000 participants in 120 family gatherings; and a grand total of 50,000 during the 17 days of the Congrès mondial acadien. CMA officials hope that the economic ripple effects as a result of the event will continue throughout the region long after the Congres has concluded.

cma end 2 aug 25 2014

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The numbers came close to what was predicted, and few seemed to believe would happen. The crowd was wherever there were events. If there were no events in your locality, then the crowds were sparse. At the Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel, we had 14 events in 17 days. Attendance at events was at least double the norm and visitors to the museum were at least 10 times the norm with 30 times the norm on August 14 and 20 times the norm on August 15.