FK Police seek culprit of Farm truck vandalism

22 August 2014

FORT KENT- On Aug. 20, Fort Kent farmer Harold Hebert discovered that someone had vandalized his 1979 International Farm Truck resulting in more than $1,000 worth of damages.

Someone beat the truck with a blunt object, according to Fort Kent Police Chief Tom Pelletier, which broke the windshield, headlights and blinkers. Hebert was storing the truck on an open hayfield he owns. It is possible the act of vandalism took place around Aug. 13, said Pelletier. Police are still investigating the details of the incident.

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A few years ago, someone broke into a shed located on the same property and stole between $2,000-$3,000 worth of items that belonged to Hebert. Law enforcement never apprehended the perpetrator of that crime, according to Hebert, who said that he still suffered a financial loss even though he had insurance on the items. Hebert will also experience monetary damages from the incident involving his truck, unless law enforcement solve the crime and he can obtain restitution from the vandal.

“Well I have no money to fix it and it wasn't insured. I don't know why they do stuff like that,” he said.

The Fort Kent Police Department ask that anyone with information about the vandalism of Hebert's truck to contact the department at 834-5678.



Very sorry about that. Any person who works for his living, would never do this to another...It takes a very useless culprit..I pray this does not go unpunished...