Goin' manic for merganser

20 August 2014
loony aug 20 2014

MERGANSER - Alan Michaud of St. Agatha saw this lineup of Merganser in late July at the Long Lake Public Boat Landing. Michaud said he had never seen so many at one time, he counted 18 chicks. - Photo courtesy of Alan Michaud


Great photo, but not of loons.

It's a great photo, but those aren't loons. Mergansers, perhaps?


Yes, exactly....these are Mergansers. I see them on the lake often. No way near Loons.


You both are correct. Upon further investigation, we recognized the birds as mergansers due to the tuft of feathers on the back of the head of the adult. Thank you both for your astute observations, we're lucky to have such perceptive readers.