Fiddlehead Focus returns after 24-hour interruption

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17 April 2014

FORT KENT –At 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 16, the website crashed as a result of a widespread outage of websites across the world. Over 24 hours later, at approximately noon on Thursday, service returned.


Publisher Andrew Birden said, “Our hosting company,, said they had a bug with their firmware, which caused a widespread outage with the websites they were hosting in the Utah facility.” Apparently Fiddlehead Focus was among hundreds of thousands of websites that went offline for a day.

Hostgator took over 24 hours to repair the problem and restore the Fiddlehead Focus website.

Birden said, “The frustrating part was that we also were unable to receive emails during that time. I am sorry for the interruption, and people know that technology occasionally disappoints us, but I'm determined to make sure we are never down for that long a period again.”

The local online news resource is examining ways to avoid disruptions in the future.


missed you

It's been a long 24 hrs. without you....Welcome back !


I thought MY computer had a bug....this site is addicting...I visit on average 5 times a day...welcome back!

Glad you are back

We missed you way out here in the Mid-West! I kept checking and was glad to find you back this afternoon.