Fort Kent man accuses police of cannibalism, lewd acts during confrontation

16 April 2014

FORT KENT – According to Fort Kent Police Officer Chuck Richards, he and Police Chief Kenneth Michaud arrested and charged a man on April 15 with criminal threatening in an encounter that involved scissors, a broken door on a squad car, dirty floors, coffee brandy and accusations of cannibalism.

Officer Richards said he responded to a complaint of a disturbance at an apartment at 45 West Main St. He found Darren Charette, age 43 approximately, outside the apartment building and threatening his neighbor.

Richards said Charette was obviously intoxicated. He said Charette threatened the neighbor with scissors, and accused the neighbor of staining his kitchen floor as the result of a solitary sex act.

Richards called for back-up from Chief “Doody” Michaud. While Michaud traveled to the address, Richards attempted to calm Charette down. When Michaud arrived, Charette had a cup of coffee brandy in each hand, but he appeared less agitated.

Though somewhat calmer, Richards said Charette was still focused on his conflict with the neighbor. The officers attempted to take the drinks away from Charette, but he started fighting with the police. Richards said, “Doody dropped it [one coffee brandy]. I dropped the other one, and we were going round.”

Charette, who Richards estimated weighs over 300 pounds, struggled with the two officers until Richards managed to spray him with mace. Charette accused the officers of the same floor-staining violation and other unfounded actions. Richards said, “At one point, he accused Doody and I of cannibalism. He thought we were going to eat him.”

Charette continued to struggle, even though the pepper spray was slowing him down. During the fight, Charette broke the door to the squad car so that it would not close. As a result of the damaged door, Chief Michaud had to ride in the back of the squad car, holding the door shut, as Richards drove the prisoner to the hospital.

Medical personnel treated Charette for the pepper spray, and police later transported him to the Caribou jail. Police have charged Charette with criminal threatening, and he will appear in Caribou court on May 2.


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