Car crashes into auto parts store

27 February 2014

FORT KENT – Louis Roy, owner of Roy Auto Parts in Fort Kent, had a surprise waiting for him when he first arrived at his business on Thursday morning when he realized that a car had just crashed into his building.


CORNER CRASH - A slippery intersection contributed to an accident in which a car crashed into Roy Auto Parts in Fort Kent on Thursday morning. - Birden image

“I didn't know what to think," he said. "That's kind of strange, someone parking there.”

He said the driver was still in the car, gripping the steering wheel.

“The young lady was still in the vehicle when I came around the corner,” said Roy.

According to Fort Kent Police Chief Kenneth Michaud, Amy Oakes was traveling west on East Main Street and was trying to make a left-hand turn onto Market Street. She lost control of the 2006 Ford SUV on the slippery road and crashed into a set of double doors on the corner of the building.


DRAFTY HOLE - The subzero temperatures prompted store owner Louis Roy to quickly cover the hole that resulted from the the accident. - Birden image

Part of her car ended up inside the building, said Roy.

Fort Kent Police Officer Curtis Gagnon responded to the call, which Roy made to the police department at 6:28 a.m.

Oakes was uninjured, said the Chief.

With subzero temperatures present Thursday morning, after removing the car, Roy quickly covered the broken doors with a tarp, and a crew from Robert Pelletier Building Contractors soon arrived to start repairing the damage.

Michaud estimated the damage to the vehicle at $4,000.


FAST RESPONSE - In less than two hours, Chris Brown (right) and Steve Pelletier (left), of Robert Pelletier Building Contractors, were hard at work repairing the damage from the morning accident. - Birden image

Police did not issue any citations, but Michaud said, “She was driving too fast for the conditions of the road.”


Car Crash

The roads were very slippery this morning and there was no sand on them. Right after the accident, Station Hill was covered in sand. I do not believe speed was a factor in this situation. While driving, I slid a few times and was barely going the speed limit. Thank God no one was hurt.

car crash

I agree with Aroosta, the roads in town were very slippery this morning - especially at the intersections.



I was driving according to

I was driving according to the road conditions I just left my parents house which is right at the top of the hill. What doody said about going to fast was a bunch of bull. I lost control right at the top of the hill and I had my foot on the break since i left their place but I had no traction to be able to stop or slow down because there was no dirt on the road. So yeah I was going fast but only because I kept picking up speed from going down the hill.


I bet you said a couple of lightning-speed rosaries while going down that hill! The hill in Van Buren on route 1 that goes by the state garage did that to me a few years ago. When you come around the corner after the welcone to VB gate-sign, you can get a real surprise when conditions are bad. Twice I have felt like I was in a bobsled run in the Olympics.

The hill was certainly

The hill was certainly slippery. But drive for the conditions. If you start to slide going down the hill, don't hold the brakes! And definatly do not try to make the turn onto Market Street! If speed was not a factor, then inexperienced driving certainly was.