Man turns himself in more than 24 hours after hitting building and leaving the scene

5 March 2013

FORT KENT – On Feb. 27 at 2 a.m., Kirk R. Corriveau, 37, of Main Street, St. Agatha lost control of his vehicle while driving westerly on East Main Street in Fort Kent, hitting and damaging 48 East Main, a house across the street from Gas N Go, said Fort Kent Police Chief Kenneth Michaud. 

building damage

BUILDING DAMAGE - A pick-up truck damaged the corner of this building when the vehicle crashed into it during the early morning hours of Feb. 27. - Julie Daigle image

After his 2003 Dodge pickup came to rest on the lawn of that residence, Corriveau left the scene of the accident, leaving his vehicle.

“There are cameras everywhere,” said Michaud. “His face is all over them.”

More than 24 hours passed before Corriveau turned himself in to police. On Thursday morning, Michaud said, “The subject has not come to report his accident. We’re still looking for him.”

He turned himself in later that day.

Michaud said the accident “ripped the corner of the house apart,” and damaged a cement statue of the Virgin Mary and a fence.

Twin’s Service Station towed the vehicle from the scene. The accident caused approximately $3,000 worth of damage to the house, $5,000 worth of damage to the pickup, $500 to the fence, and $200 to the statue.

Fort Kent Police Officer Chuck Richards investigated the accident.



Leaving the scene

I guess he will just never grow up. Why would you leave the scene of an accident if your sober...? You wouldn't.. So it doesn't look good buddy!