Police warn beware of scams after teen scheme goes wrong

12 February 2013

FORT KENT – On Feb. 9, the Fort Kent Police Department charged a 14-year-old male and a 17-year-old male with theft by deception after an elderly woman informed the police that they were canvassing a Fort Kent neighborhood with a scam in which they claimed to be collecting money for the Red Cross.

Fort Kent Police Officer Richard Martin investigated, detaining one of the boys but initially losing the other. The boys had collected two dollars from another elderly woman in the Pleasant Heights neighborhood.

Fort Kent Police Chief Kenneth Michaud said part of the shame of the incident was that the two dollars the boys collected were in quarters, the last two dollars this woman had. They returned the money to its rightful owner.

One of the boys is currently on probation with Bill Francis, the probation officer, and is now on house arrest with his mother; the other has also been left with his mother, said Michaud.

Michaud cautioned area residents about the plethora of scams that have been multiplying and recommended that anyone being approached with a request for money call the police station first to verify its legitimacy.