Our readers speak: Senator Troy Jackson on the Governor's budget

7 February 2013

(EDITOR'S NOTE: A link to the story to which Senator Jackson is referring below has been included here:  http://fiddleheadfocus.com/content/0013975-fort-kent-prepares-bad-news-revenue-shortfalls-loom)

To the editor:

I read Julie’s article about the Fort Kent municipal budget and I thought it was well done and informative. It could be just me, but I thought that the message that this is the “Governor’s budget proposal” is not clear to readers.That proposal isn’t going to happen, and quite frankly I didn’t support the last budget largely because of the 36 million dollar cut to revenue sharing. I attached the Democratic response to the Governor that I did last week, because I thought it might be helpful (http://www.fiddleheadfocus.com/content/0014311-our-elected-leaders-speak-troy-jackson-democratic-radio-address-week-12813). Take care.

Troy Jackson