NMCC releases Fall 2012 Dean’s List

30 January 2013

AROOSTOOK COUNTY- Northern Maine Community College has released its Dean’s List for the College’s 2012 fall semester. Two hundred twelve full-time students achieved a 3.20 average or better; sixty-four of these students were named to high honors with a grade point average of 3.85 or better. Thirty-three students had the distinction of earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Northern Maine Community College Logo Seal

 “Once again, we are pleased to publically acknowledge the hard work and dedication of many NMCC students,” said Dr. William Egeler, Dean of Students. “Students achieving this academic honor recognize the value of higher education to their future and to the lives of their families. Their sacrifices and hard work are reflected in this recognition and we hope all who know them take the time to acknowledge their achievement.” 

Northern Maine Community College’s main campus is located in Presque Isle, with off-campus centers in Houlton and the St. John Valley. The College offers 29 associate degree and certificate level programs, preparing students to either enter the workforce immediately upon graduation or to transfer to a four year college or university to complete a baccalaureate program. It is one of seven colleges in the Maine Community College System. 

NMCC Dean’s List – Fall 2012 Semester (Those with asterisks achieved a perfect 4.0 semester):

High Honors (3.85-4.0) Ashland: *Julie R. Carney; Bridgewater: *Zechariah L. Sargent ; Caribou: Kelley L. Coyle, Derek T. Dufour, Brianna M. Gorence, Wanda L. Osgood, *Nikki R. St. Pierre and *Anjanette I. Walsh; Castle Hill: Hannah E. Cheney; Chapman: Carla R. Cambridge and *Megan E. Kaiser; Clinton: *Nicholas R. Weymouth; Crouseville: Kyle T. Hews; Easton: Matthew D. Beaton, *Kaitlin S. Bennett, *Danielle A. Dudley, *Krystle A. Gadaire, Zack S. Haggerty and *Brittany S. Tompkins; Fort Fairfield: Donna S. Bixler, *Ryan E. Cullins and *Lawrence C. King; Frenchville: Ryan J. Blanchette and Zachary D. deMontigny; Houlton: Brittany M. Clark, Hannah E. Emery and *Ryan A. Merritt; Limestone: Paul J. Beaulieu, *Christopher A. Castaway and *Kimberly A. O’Bar; Lubec: *Briana C. McFadden; Madawaska: Elizabeth A. Beaulieu; Mapleton: *Valerie J. Perry; Mars Hill: Brittanee K. Blodget; Millinocket: Lucian H. Stahl; Presque Isle: Joshua D. Allen, Lindsy M. Archer, *Christopher B. Burnett, Heather L. Carnes, *Pamela A. Dooner, Pamela A. Easler, *Erika Y. Engstrom, *Daniel W. Fuller, *Austin B. Hole, *Lori A. Kilcollins, *Karl W. Kornchuk, *Francis G. LaFave, *Shaun D. Lagasse, Peter C. Martelly, *Jeffrey R. Nault, Melanie J. Philbrook and *Benjamin M. Sipe; St. Agatha: Katelin R. Collins; St. David: *Mark J. Madore; Wade: *Dakota H. Koch and *Brian J. Meacham; Wells: Douglas R. McLean; Westbrook: Kyle B. Doody; Wytopitlok: *Kimberly A. Cushman. CANADA: Centreville, NB: Jane R. Nye; Holmesville, NB: *Jolene D. Haugen; Perth-Andover, NB: Sarah R. Brennan; Plaster Rock, NB: Naomi R. Kierstead and Nancy L. Kiser 

(3.20-3.84) Ashland: Douglas K. Martin; Bangor: Alyssa P. Foley; Belfast: Christopher R. Stephenson; Blaine: Aryn D. Bernier, William H. Delong and Marie C. Sanderson; Bridgewater: Edward L. Foster, Caleb C. Gerritsen and Kaine T. Kingsbury; Bucksport: Lillian A.D. Walker; Calais: Katlyn N. O’Leary; Caribou: Jacob P. Beaupre, Stephen C. Burgess, Amy N. Corriveau, Annette L. Derry, Sasha L. Grass, Katrina L. Hazelton, Matthew D. McDonald, Tracey E. Nichols, Debby A. Page, Clinton A. Perry, Nicholas J. Rand, Corey S. Shaffer and Matthew L. Till; Chapman: Joseph R. Lyons; Charleston: Timothy R. Weymouth; Conner Township: Christopher M. St. Peter; Easton: Jessica K. Bennett, Samantha L. Buck and Jonathan W. Kimball; Eustis: Joseph R. Lampron; Fairfield: Cody A. Robinson; Farmington: Jessica L. Tyler ; Fort Fairfield: Austin D. Bixler, Dereck M. Dufour, Matthew E. Jenkins, Crystal L. Laster, John A. McNamee and Landon Towle; Fort Kent: Zachary D. Voisine; Frenchville: Kurtis G. Gagnon; Greene: Simon G. Tutlis; Harrison: Ian P. Beaudoin; Houlton: Michael Connors, Amanda L. Cosme, Edward A. Flint, WeiChen Kimball, Taylor A. Lindsay, Glen P. Littleton, Ethan M. McGary, Gabrielle Y. Ossinger, Frances L. Sabatis, Midel J. Scott, Jonathan A. Shaw, Tiffany L. Smith, Jared M. Sutton, Kathleen M. Tapley and Cierra L. Willette; LaGrange: Brooke A. Gardner; Lewiston: Leo A. Gaghan; Limestone: Brenda L. Maddocks; Linneus: Travis T. Quint; Madawaska: Devan L. Cyr; Mapleton: Brian A. Buck, Melissa A. Carson, Zachary C. Dow, Benjamin M. McKenna and Dara E. Raymond; Mars Hill: Megan S. Delong and Melissa McCrum; Monticello: Tina M. Pierce; Morrill: Luke B. Simmons and Lyndon G. Whitcomb; New Sweden: Kjersti A. Gustafson, Amanda L.M. Morgan and Timothy L. Walker; Oakfield: Patrick E. Goodall; Palmyra: William J. Randall; Patten: Brent H. Botting and Micah J. Rodgerson; Pittsfield: Jacob F. Hunt; Presque Isle: Sarah E. Bailey, April D. Boyd, Brycen A. Brown, Brittany L. Burlock, Adam R. Cray, David L. Cyr, David R. Dockham, Lisa M. Donovan, Tyler H. Eager, Chelsey R. Fletcher, Tammi M. Flint, Joshua J. Hall, Leslie A. Hart, Christina A. Hathaway, Garrett J. Hemphill, Ellen L. Hole, Shari E. Hole, Melanie L. Junkins, Hank E. King, Elaina H. Lafland, Kara M. Lauritsen, Theresa B. Lint, Jason R. Martin, Brynn E. McCurry, John T. Pelletier, Christopher D. Perry, Karin C.M. Petrin, Ryan W. Pratt, Zachary R. Raymond, James A. Rochelle and Kimberly A. Tompkins; Sherman: Erika K. Coyle; Skowhegan: William B. Marsh; Smyrna Mills: Jacob S. Lassonde; St. Agatha: Jacob M. LaBrie; St. David: Corey L. Daigle and Zachary S. Levesque; Stacyville: Megan D. Guiggey and Clarissa L. Lane; Stockholm: Jeffrey D. Rossignol; Swan’s Island: Samuel J.D. Joy; Van Buren: Amanda L. Berube; Veazie: Autumn Doughty; Wallagrass: Shane M. Wishart; Washburn: Zachary S. Davis, Melissa A. Evans, Leslie A. Knox, Kori L. McManus, Joshua K. Pike, Brandi L. Saucier, Amber R. Tierney and Valerie L. White; Westmanland: Christopher K. Lyng; Windham: Natasha N. Coffin; Woodland: Crystal L. Brayall, Dann D. Cyr, Colby R. Johnson, Kimberly A. McAvoy, Christopher R. McEndarfer, Charles M. Orser, Chelsea F. Porter and Kevin G. Turcotte. OUT OF STATE: Allenstown, NH: Christopher J. Haas; Danbury, CT: Myasia L. Williams. CANADA: Moncton, NB: Tammy Englehart; Newbridge, NB: Lesley A. McGuire; St. Stephens, NB: Michael D. Hooper; Woodstock, NB: Taylor D. Wallace.