15 April 2014

HEALTHY AND FREE - Wildlife advocates recently released a young golden eagle in northern Oxford County after three months of clinical care and rehabilitation at Avian Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Freedom. The gift of healthcare saved this eagle's life and allowed the bird to enjoy new freedom. - Photo Courtesy of the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Division

8 April 2014

MUDSEASON VALLEY STYLE - Spring is so close that people can almost taste it. But before spring, we must endure the annual Mud Season. But as this image from the Eagle Lake Mud Bog illustrates, there's mud season, and then there's mud season with that distinct St. John Valley gusto. - Photo by Andrew Birden

1 April 2014

FOUND ARTIST - The sun is shining, the nights are cold, and the days are warming, and that means the maple sap is running. A few weeks ago, maple syrup expert Roger Lavertu showed the wonders of maple taffy at the UMFK Sucrerie. Roger made the taffy by pouring hot maple syrup over fresh snow and then rolling it up on a stick after it had cooled a bit. His friendly gesture of offering taffy to folks is the inspiration for this week's jigsaw. - Photo by Andrew Birden

25 March 2014

FOUND ARTIST - Sometimes an interesting image will appear in unlikely locations. In this shot, local artist Gert Thibodeau had arranged her business cards in a fan as part of a display at a craft fair in 2013. Her ad hoc art piece is this week's jigsaw. - Photo by Andrew Birden

19 March 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY - The new puzzle is online, with an interactive webpage that people can see by clicking the following link:

Fiddlehead Focus Jigsaw for March 19, 2014.

Musher Bailey Vitello arrived Wednesday from Brookfield, Ma.
18 March 2014

E PLURIBUS UNUM - Musher Bailey Vitello from Brookfield, Mass. carried an American flag with him at the start of the Can Am Crown 250 dog sled race. The latin phrase, 'E pluribus unum' means 'Out of many, one', and is on the Seal of The United States. As the team races with joyful purpose down Main Street in Fort Kent, the diverse animals, both human and canine, work together to move forward, much as the citizens of the country that Vitello's flag represents must work together. Like this photo, real cooperation is often a puzzle. - Photo by Anne Ward

12 March 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY - The new puzzle is online, with an interactive webpage that people can see by clicking the following link:

Fiddlehead Focus Jigsaw for March 12, 2014.

11 March 2014

THE SHOES OF THE MASTER -  - Brian Theriault is a well known and colorful character in the St. John Valley community. As a master traditional snowshoe maker, Theriault has taken a family trade and essentially transformed it into a lifestyle. With his regalia and exhuberent enthusiasm at the Can-Am Crown Sled Dog Races earlier this month, Brian is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

5 March 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY - When Fiddlehead Focus stopped printing the popular weekly paper and switched to a web-based publication, one of the features that people missed was the crossword puzzle. Now, thanks to hard work and innovative thinking, the crossword has returned in a new online rebirth.

4 March 2014

A QUILT FOR GOOD DOGS - The Northern Neighbors Quilters assemble a piece each year for the Can-Am Crown Sled Dog Races, and this year's quilt is also the jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

To solve an easier version of this puzzle, click on this LINK or the image shown here.

25 February 2014

WORKIN' ON THE RAILROAD - Last July, Fiddlehead Focus photographer Andrew Birden came across a work crew replacing railroad ties near the crossing at Main Street and Market Street in Fort Kent. This picture of the unusual equipment the crew was using is this week's jigsaw puzzle. The machine would pull the large nails out of the wooden ties, haul the old tie from beneath the rails, and ram a new tie back into place - Photo by Andrew Birden

20 February 2014

BROWN AND WHITE WITH HOOKS - In the middle of February, Fiddlehead Focus photographer Anne Ward was at Quigley's Outdoor in Fort Kent when she noticed the fishing lures in a display case. She captured this image as this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Anne Ward

11 February 2014

A GOOD CLIP - Fort Kent Community High School athlete Carter Voisine flies down the slope at Lonesome Pine Trails in Fort Kent on Saturday morning, February 1, as County high schools compete in a downhill competition. Fiddlehead Focus will have the complete results of the race as soon as they become available, Monday. - Birden image

4 February 2014

SERIOUSLY CYRIOUS - On the first evening of February, Cyrious Movement Dance Studio joined other Valley performers at the University of Maine at Fort Kent Alumni Talent Show. Fiddlehead Focus Photographer Anne Ward caught hundreds of images from the evening, including this image of the Cyrious dancers showing their moves in front of a large audience. - photo by Anne Ward

17 December 2013

THE OLD CEDAR TREE - In late October, Fiddlehead Focus editor and publisher Andrew Birden accompanied a group of St. John Valley men on a trip to the largest cedar tree in Maine. This is one of the images Birden captured on that trip. To read the full story, follow this link. - photo by Andrew Birden

10 December 2013

A BANK, A PUZZLE OR A TOY - This young fellow is attempting to puzzle out the workings of a wooden toy bank that a crafter at the Annual Fort Kent Craft Fair over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend had on display. - photo by Anne Ward

13 November 2013

CHOOSING SIDES BY LYNN CYR - The University of Maine at Fort Kent’s Blake Library is hosting an art exhibition entitled, “The Unstill Life,” by Canadian Artist Lynn Cyr through Monday, December 2, 2013. Lynn uses everyday objects and food to show how dynamic and narrative a still life painting can be and where the interaction between these items become the story the artist is trying to tell. Cyr image used with permission.

29 October 2013

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING? - Public Works Supervisor Tony Theriault was on the levee on October 10, using an asphalt grader to lay down a layer of crushed rock in order to remove ruts from the multi-use trail that runs along the St. John River and then dips underneath the international bridge. Along with removing ruts, the strange little tractor also maintains the height of the levee so that it complies with requirements from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. - Birden image

<p><strong>SIGNS OF A CHANGING SEASON - </strong>On a recent trip to Allagash to visit the Two Rivers lunch for their weekly singalong, Andrew Birden came across this colorful curve in the road showing the Fall hues in ways that are eye-catching and symbo
16 October 2013

CHALK IT UP FOR AWARENESS - Last week, a group of students from Fort Kent Elementary School and Community High School joined with the Hope and Justice Project to use sidewalk art to portray facts and images about domestic violence. A Fiddlehead Focus photographer took several hundred pictures of the event, including this colorful image. - Birden image

8 October 2013

SIGNS OF A CHANGING SEASON - On a recent trip to Allagash to visit the Two Rivers lunch for their weekly singalong, Andrew Birden came across this colorful curve in the road showing the Fall hues in ways that are eye-catching and symbolic. - Birden image

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