24 November 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - This week’s jigsaw is a sneak preview of the hottest game in Aroostook County, First Mile-opoly. Available at different locations in Fort Kent, including the Chamber office, this game combines the favorite 5,280 feet in Fort kent with the businesses of the St. John valley. It's a great gift for residents, and people with connections to the St. John Valley

17 November 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - This week’s jigsaw is by journalist Jessica Potila. A crowd, led by Coach Davis Cyr, cheers on the Valley Rivers Middle School Lady Warriors during a basketball game against the Presque Isle Wildcats on Saturday, November 14, 2015 in Fort Kent.

10 November 2015

Stenay, Meuse, FRANCE - This week’s jigsaw is a photograph, artist unknown, showing U.S. soldiers of the 353rd Infantry waiting the final two minutes before the ceasefire in 1918 near a church in Stenay, Meuse, France, marking the event that would become Veteran’s Day. - Photographer unknown

3 November 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine -  Halloween has once again provided colorful subjects, dressed in zany costumes, for our cameras to photograph. This collage of cute costumed kids, taken by Tory Jones Bonenfant and Jessica Potila, are our Jigsaw Puzzle for Wednesday, November 4, 2015.

27 October 2015

GRAND ISLE, Maine - Residents of Grand Isle spared no detail in preparing for their annual Haunted Pre-Halloween Fun Night on Friday, October 23, 2015. Fiddlehead Focus photojournalist dared to trek down a haunted walk and happened upon this creepy skull, which is our jigsaw for the week.

20 October 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - Team Strikers strikes a pose at the Fort Kent Parks and Recreation Department's soccer league round-robin on Saturday, October 17, 2015. Fiddlehead Focus reporter Jessica Potila captured this image at Jalbert Park in between games. This group's example of team spirit is our jigsaw for the week.

13 October 2015

MADAWASKA, Maine - The fall colors are peaking this week, and we have a special image for the jigsaw to remind us that the fall leaves are a doorway from Summer into Winter. This colorful wall comes to us as an open source image with a Creative Commons copyright. The website Pixabay is hosting the image, and the author is unknown except for a username of ladybugkreativ.  His or her image is our jigsaw for this week.

6 October 2015

MADAWASKA, Maine - When fall arrives, decorations take on a certain squashy quality, as Fiddlehead Focus journalist Tory Jones Bonenfant saw when she attended the New Brunswick Botanical Garden on Thursday evening, October 1, for the garden's opening night of La Grande Grouille Festival. One of her many images from that event was this train of pumpkin halves. Her squash train is our jigsaw for this week.

29 September 2015

MADAWASKA, Maine - Last weekend, Fiddlehead Focus journalist Tory Jones Bonenfant was able to capture the pink and blue colors of a fall sunset in Madawaska. Her Main Street sunset is our jigsaw for this week.

22 September 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine - One of the contests that occurred during the Homecoming/Scarecrow Festival was a coloring contest. Piper Ashley, age six, took the top prize from a large number of entries, and her winning pastel rendition of a favorite harvest season character is our jigsaw for this week.

15 September 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine - During the Northern Maine Fair this year, local art teacher Gert Thibodeau was quick to tell everyone how successful her art students were at the fair. It wasn't until several weeks later that she let slip that three of her own paintings received blue ribbons at the event. One of them was the painting shown here, Joie de vivre, which showcases Ms. Thibodeau's signature style of strong colors and Acadian themes. Her award winning painting is this week's jigsaw. - (image courtesy of Gertrude Thibodeau)

8 September 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine - It was a magical start to the Labor Day weekend on Friday, September 4, when George Dumond took Andrew Birden up in Dumond's powered parachute. Cruising just a few hundred feet above the ground at times, Dumond showed Birden several points of interest around the Little Town that Could - also known as Fort Kent. Among the nearly 1,500 images Birden captured is this image of Main Street, which he photographed while hovering above the St. John River between Canada and the United States. Andrew's image is this week's jigsaw. - Photo by Andrew Birden

1 September 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine - The annual Walk Around the Pond at Mizpah in Grand Isle occurred the last weekend of August. The non-profit decorates the local area with colored lights and candles, which bring out subtle details of the different sights in Mizpah. Tory Jones Bonenfant captured this poignant image of one of the many statues at the retreat that watches over those with their names on the monument. Tory's image is this week's jigsaw. - Photo by Tory Jones Bonenfant

25 August 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine - Talent is a resource that is plentiful in the St. John Valley, and Lorraine Levesque of Edmundston, New Brunswick, provides us with one of her still life paintings to remind us of this fact. In this painting, Ms. Levesque shows us how earth tones can combine to create energized images of common sunflowers and radishes. Her painting, used with permission, is this week's jigsaw. - Photo by Don Levesque

18 August 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - In what must be the fastest fundraiser in the east, Boy Scouts from Troop 189 and volunteers from the Fort Kent Lions Club served over 800 chickens dinners in less than an hour.  Of course, the preparation for the annual event meant Lion Travis Duval was risking singed eyebrows and heat prostration from cooking hundreds of chickens on a hot grill up to the moment the Scouts started passing out the pre-paid dinners to the lines of waiting cars. Jessica Potila captured this BBQ image for this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Jessica Potila

11 August 2015

MADAWASKA, Maine - During the Grand Tintamarre for the World Acadian Congress in 2014, Publisher Andrew Birden captured this image of thousands of people creating a glorious cacophony. This year's tintamarre is another opportunity for Acadians to proclaim their triumph over subjugation and prejudice.  This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

4 August 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY - The new crossword puzzle is online, with an interactive webpage that people can see by clicking the following link:

Fiddlehead Focus Jigsaw for August, 2015.

4 August 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - With all the rainstorms lashing the area these past few weeks, it seems only appropriate that we use a George Barret, Sr. classical painting, "Figures in a classical landscape, with a storm on the horizon" (circa 1728/32). Though these storms cause damage - and appear to have the muggiest heat in New England acting as bookends for each episode - they also possess a graceful energy which transforms the light in our landscape. This image is a faithful photographic reproduction of a public domain work of art.

28 July 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - What appears to be Octavius and Antony's army battles the forces of Brutus and Cassius in Philippi in 44 BC.  On Thursday, the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar opens at the Fox Auditorium in Fort Kent for a run through Sunday, August 2. This historic conflict is a prominent event in the play and is this week's jigsaw. This image comes to FiddleheadFocus through, which states the image is licensed under Creative Commons. Efforts to identify the original source of the image were unsuccessful.

21 July 2015

MADAWASKA, Maine - The 2015 International Muskie Derby demands that serious participants have serious gear, such as these muskie lures that Holden Bernier is showing off at the Quigley's Outdoors store on Main Street in Fort Kent. The derby occurs the same weekend as the Ploye Festival, August 7,8, and 9. The wide range of lures make up this week's jigsaw puzzle.

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