25 March 2015

ACADIA OF THE LANDS AND FORESTS - Multiple folk tales agree that the Maine Coon cat came to the shores of the most northeastern state as a passenger on a boat. Some say Marie Antoinette sent the first breeding population from her prized pet Angora felines, which escaped on a boat that she missed before her demise at the guillotine. While unlikely, the royal story is at least possible compared to the genetic impossibility of the official Maine state cat being the offspring of a raccoon and a common house cat. This big gentle giant is this week's jigsaw.

17 March 2015

NEW SWEDEN - Sometimes when a person decides to take a walk, certain scenes just capture their attention. This was the case recently when Fiddlehead Focus Editor Melanie Daigle was walking in the woods in New Sweden and she caught sight of this tall dark tree with an afternoon sun creating a compelling back light. Her image is this week's jigsaw. (FHF/Melanie Daigle)

11 March 2015

FORT KENT - The Fort Kent 100 snowmobile race occurred on a freakishly cold day in late February, but snowmobile racers and enthusiasts bravely challenged the cold as this image from the starting line shows. Please enjoy this week's jigsaw. (FHF/Andrew Birden)

4 March 2015

FORT KENT - The faculty and staff of the University of Maine at Fort kent are exhibiting their art at the Blake Library. Several instructors and support personnel contributed art pieces in a variety of mediums, from oils to photographs to fiber, which visitors can enjoy through the month of March. In this image, photographer Andrew Birden created a collage of several pieces which forms the jigsaw for this week. - various

24 February 2015

WALLAGRASS - The game was important to these young players on Friday, Feb. 13. Pirates from Wallagrass Elementary School used their newly honed skills to compete in a basketball tournement as a culminating project for students who learned essential basketball skills this winter during an all-volunteer, after-school basketball program which former educator Elaine Desjardins spearheaded in an effort to overcome a lack of athletics training at the school due to district budget cuts.

17 February 2015

FORT KENT - Sure, Valentines Day is about love, but one the things that everyone loves are cupcakes. Jessica Potila found a bunch of these frosty delights at the Valentines Dance at the Mercy Home in Eagle Lake over the weekend. Along with her pictures of young people enjoying an afternoon with their Mameres and Paperes, she caught this close-up of the treats from the party, and brings us this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Jessica Potila image

10 February 2015

FORT KENT - The high school skiers came flying down the hill, one after another, showing off an athleticism that youth across the country could envy, during the Aroostook County Ski Championships on Saturday, Feb. 7. Fiddlehead Focus photographer Jessica Potila captured several striking images, including this one of a Fort Kent Warrior threading the needle of downhill gates. This member of the Green Bean Skiers is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Jessica Potila image

6 February 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY - The new puzzle is online, with an interactive webpage that people can see by clicking the following link:

Fiddlehead Focus Jigsaw for Feb 6, 2015.

3 February 2015

MAINE WINTER FARM - The rest of the country is still reeling from a double whammy of cold snowy weather, but in the fields of Aroostook County the subzero temps and the endless biting snow are part and parcel of The County experience. Paul Cyr captures the stoic spirit of a Northern Maine farmer dealing with a typical blast from Old Man Winter by firing up his tractor and heading out to get the job done.  Cyr's evocative camera brings us this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Paul Cyr image

20 January 2015

MEET OUR SCHOOL COLORS - While reporter Jessica Potila was gathering information on a story about the Madawaska Middle/High School students showing their art at a local gallery, she recorded several images of the student's work now on display in Madawaska.  We took some of our favorite paintings and put them in a collage in order to create this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Contributed image

7 January 2015

FLYING BASKETBALL AND PONYTAILS - During Monday night's double header between the Fort Kent Warriors and the Madawaska Owls on January 5, Lady Warrior Jordan O'Leary flies into the air to block an attempt to score by Lady Owl Hannah Nadeau. Both schools fought hard, and Fiddlehead Focus publisher Andrew Birden captured this image near the end of the first game. O'Leary and Nadeau's moment is this week's jigsaw. - Birden image

30 December 2014

BUSTER FROM THE TOP - Fiddlehead Focus Editor Melanie Daigle climbed the hill near her family's St. John Plantation farm with her friend Buster, a seven year old German Shepherd. Once they reached the top, Buster took a few moments to rest and enjoy the view of the St. John River and Canada. Buster may not know it, but he is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Melanie Daigle image

23 December 2014

COLORFUL KNITS - Aroostook County photographer Paul Cyr was hunting snowy owls with his camera recently, and caught this feathered head turner near a barn.  His image reminds us to be wise as we make our way through the winter, and it is the week's jigsaw puzzle. - Paul Cyr image

2 December 2014

COLORFUL KNITS - The Fort Kent chamber of Commerce Craft Fair had thousands of amazing and beautiful handmade products to purchase over the Thanksgiving weekend, including this assortment knitted scarves. Jessica Potila captured this image while collecting photos for a slide show, and it is the week's jigsaw puzzle. - Jessica Potila image

18 November 2014

THE LAST BEAM - The last steel beam from the old international bridge in Fort Kent came down on Friday, Nov. 14. Here, two construction workers use a cutting torch to separate the pieces to this retiring span. This image is the week's jigsaw puzzle. - Birden image

12 November 2014

YOUNG ART ON THE WALL - Artists from schools across the St. John Valley are showing their work at the Blake Library this month. Thérèse L. Provenzano, UMFK Adjunct Visual Art Instructor, has joined with the Blake Gallery to host its sixth annual 'Young Artist Exhibition' featuring talented young artists from the St. John Valley public schools. Curator Sofia Birden created this collage of some of the pieces by several of the artists, but many more are available for viewing during regular library hours.This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Sofia Birden image

22 October 2014

MUSÉE WITH RAINBOW - The Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel is one of the special places in the St. John Valley. Musée Director Joseph Donald Cyr captured a perspective of the unique architecture in Lille, combining the church, the cemetery and the promise of salvation in a single image. This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Joseph Donald Cyr, Director Musée culturel du Mont-Carmel image

14 October 2014

GRIFFETH FARMS HARVEST - While riding as a passenger in a powered parachute, award-winning photographer Paul Cyr captured this picture of the potato harvest occurring at the Griffeth Farms in Caribou about two weeks ago in early October. This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. CLICK HERE TO VISIT PAUL CYR'S FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE GREAT PICTURES - Paul Cyr image

7 October 2014

AUTUMN AMPHIBIAN - Unknown persons created a strange, mysterious and attractive sculpture in a small creek connecting Pushineer Pond to another pond. Though the creator, or creators, have yet to come forward, Fiddlehead Focus offers this jigsaw puzzle to celebrate the mystery of DeBoullie Henge. This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

lakes and oceans oct 10 2014
1 October 2014

Each month Fiddlehead Focus staff will select a few pieces found online that may be in the form of a video, image, animation that we find noteworthy. The pieces will explore a variety of topics, and all pieces will be appropriate for every age and audience. Our goal is to shed light on some of the uplifting, funny, educational, and beautiful pieces out in the wild online world that our readers may never see.

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