Conservative delusions

To the editor:

Walter Crean, in his latest opinion piece, calls me a “bigot.” I would say this is “The pot calling the kettle black.” “Bigot” is defined as “One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.”  https://www.thefreedictionary.com/bigot

There is a BIG difference from one who believes that the white race is the Supreme race and all other races insignificant, from one who believes that all races are one and the same and not much difference between them biologically. In this context, Republicans and conservatives would be the bigots, while my pointing out that fact would be an opinion.

Republicans, including conservatives, are intolerant of liberalism. I call [President Donald] Trump a fascist and his followers fascists and nationalists: is this bigotry or a true statement? And what of it? Why am I pointing out that fact? Well for one, I believe fascism to be an evil belief system as this is what gave us [Adolf] Hitler and World War II. It also gave us nationalism. Both are evil ideologies. Am I a bigot because I desire world peace and harmony among the human species, while fascists and nationalists desire conflict and war?

At a recent rally in Florida, Trump asks: “.. how do you stop these people (border immigrants)…?” Someone in the crowd yells, “Shoot them,” according to a CBS news account.  The crowd roars and claps and Trump laughs it off and didn’t even condemn it, thus indirectly approving it. Now, is this normal, civilized behavior? My belief system says no, it is not normal or civilized behavior and that is why I call it out, not because I’m a Bigot, but because I tend to have a higher moral standard than having a belief system that advocates murdering people because they are of a different skin color, religion or nationality.

Racist, demagogue, anti-immigrant, pro-gun, nationalist, fascist, misogynist, authoritarian, pro-war, anti-public schools, anti-welfare, anti-taxes, school religion, climate denial, are all conservative right-wing ideological beliefs that now define the modern Republican Party. This is what they believe in. It is not liberal or progressive but conservative.

I speak out against it because I have a different view of the world. Name calling, Mr. Crean, will not change that one iota.

Given that, Mr. Crean, prove me wrong.  

James P. Chasse
St Agatha

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