Humans must control population growth to survive

To the editor:

The Earth is 24,907 miles in circumference. It is finite. Seventy-one percent is water, while 29 percent is land. The human species lives on land. Only 48 percent of the land is usable for farming and raising animals. Again, this useable land is finite.

But the growth of the human species is open-ended and not finite. The only factor that limits that growth is food, which requires land to grow and produce.

In 10,000 B.C., (Earth is 4.2 billion years old), the human population was estimated worldwide at 1 million. Today, it is estimated at 7.9 billion. In 2050, it is forecast to be 10.5 billion. It will not decrease, unless, of course, action is taken to reduce or control it.

Unless one is totally secluded from civilization, one can’t ignore the increasing population, increasing migrations, decreasing number of farms, rising world poverty and hunger, increasing wars and conflicts, increasing extinctions of animal species.

There can’t be an unlimited growth of living organisms that is dependent on a finite land source for food; at one point we will reach a limit — Earth’s carrying capacity.

We are starting to witness this eventual crisis with the increasing populations, famine and war.

Here in America we are trying to erect physical walls to keep excess humans from coming into this country. In other nations, they are trying to deport them to other countries or simply letting them starve to death. Humans are increasingly starving and dying.

What is to be done? The simplest would be birth control: figure out the carrying capacity and strictly control how many births should be allowed — in other words, zero or negative population growth. That is the only way. No matter what we do to feed everyone, at some point (now very close), we will run out of resources. There is a limit.

In fact, I’m skeptical that anything can be done by the human species directly responsible for this mess, simply because of their radical belief systems and egotistical propensities. The primary objective of all species, after all, is to increase and multiply exponentially, humans being no different. Nature strictly controls non-human proliferation, while humans manipulate nature to unnaturally increase their numbers.

Quite pessimistic a view you may say? Observing what is going on today worldwide and what will most certainly happen in the near future because of it, the future is not golden.

There will be a lot of death, suffering, and destruction before it is all over. This is most certainly a fact. Unfortunately, humans have to experience the evil and extermination before they will eventually decide to do anything about it, assuming they still have a viable living planet and time enough to do it.

James P. Chasse
St Agatha

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