Snowmobile Trail Report — March 8, 2019

Well, finally a somewhat quiet week and possibly a nice weekend coming up.  These past few nights have been well below zero and the snow is starting to get hard.  Clubs have pretty much recovered from what has been a tremendously brutal last week. For what these volunteers had to endure and what the trails look like now is incredible.  

This weekend is shaping up to be a very busy one.  This is a great weekend to ride the less travelled trails again.

CAUTION:   Deer are everywhere. They are being spotted in Caribou on trail 83B, Ashland on ITS 85, and Portage on ITS 85.  Please keep an eye out all the time as we all know that deer live throughout this County. Also, as the snow is getting deeper this means that all the big game animals will be venturing out onto the trails as it is easier walking for them.


Soldier Pond is reporting that they are in good shape and fingers crossed that their good luck continues.  If there is a club out in The County that could deserve a break it would be these guys.

Washburn is reporting their trails will be in great condition for the weekend.  The club volunteers plan on being out on Friday to dig out signs and, they will be reviewing their intersections.   Trail 61 is not open as there is a logging operation now. There is going to be a logging operation in the Blackstone area which is trail 105 and the logging has begun so sledders please stop at the Blackstone intersection where the Nordic Lakers meet Washburn.  The club would like to let people know that if you do encounter the Cat out on the trail, they will stop to allow safe passage please go slow and be cautious. If they need to pull over off to the side of the trail they may get stuck.

Nordic Lakers trails on Thursday were in great shape.

Saint Francis is reporting they are in good shape.  This Saturday they are hosting Side by Side drag racing.

Portage Lakers have their trails in great condition.  Please use caution off the 105 intersection with ITS 90 as there is a logging operation. It is very well marked.  On ITS 90, what is known as the Mouse Island road, there are a few rollers in the trail and if travelling at too high of a speed you might get into trouble.  There will be a heavy logging presence on ITS 85 near the Hewes Brook area, please use caution in this area as the trucks will be hauling.

Caribou is reporting good conditions.  There is a logging operation on trail 89 going to Limestone.  The plan is to reopen the trail on Friday as it has been closed all week.  Please follow Facebook for updates on this trail. Logging operation on ITS 83N in the Madawaska Lake area, there has been a road opening and snowmobiles must stop.  It is signed.

Fort Kent is reporting that they their system is in good shape.  They are down one machine, so the Tucker is working overtime to keep the trails in good shape.

Eagle Lake is reporting good conditions.

Fort Fairfield is reporting that their system is in good shape.  

Central Aroostook Snowmobile Club is in good shape and are reporting lots of deer on the trails, so please use caution.

Ashland is reporting they have been out and plan on being out Friday and Saturday.   Watch for a newly plowed road on 71A it is signed. There are still a lot of deer on ITS 85 between Ashland and Portage.  

Allagash is reporting that their trails are in good shape.

Frenchville is reporting their system is in great shape and will be out over the weekend.  They are selling raffle tickets to be drawn at their last meeting of the season.

Red Arrow is demoing another machine on Thursday and will have their system in great shape.  Irving has plowed out a road on ITS 83 on the powerline South of the Coulomb Road.

Chapman Ridge Runners are reporting that they are in good shape.

Aroostook River Snowmobile club is maintaining.  Please use caution when riding 105 south where Washburn and Aroostook River meet there are some big drifts.

Easton is hoping to have their machine back soon but for now they are using Fort Fairfield’s second machine and are keeping their system in good shape.

Madawaska is reporting good conditions and will be out throughout the weekend.

Grand Isle is reporting that they are going to be putting their machine back together tonight and should be out grooming shortly after.  Please be patient with them as they have not groomed all week due to this problem. Please check out their Facebook page for further updates.

Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting that their wooded trails are in good shape and fields will take a while, but they are picking away.

Van Buren is reporting that they are in good shape.

Caswell is reporting they are in good shape.  Planning on going out tomorrow. Trail 100 to trail 94 remains closed.  Trail 102 to trail 89 in the Connor area is now open. Please use caution as they are going through a logging operation.  Logging operation on trail 81A please use caution.


The Benedicta Snow Gang reports a few snow showers today with temps in the 20’s once again, down to 0 degrees tonight. ITS81, Sherman/Benedicta/Mattawamkeag Cutoff, is groomed, with good/excellent conditions. ITS83, the Sherman/Whetstone Falls area is groomed with good/excellent conditions. All club trails are groomed, with good conditions!

Deer and moose are using ALL trails — give them a break — NO CHASING.


Eastern Maine Snow Riders have the Wytopitlock/Macwahoc sections of ITS110 and 3 ready to ride. They are calling the conditions excellent.

Linneus Sno-Sports say that all trails are groomed and perfect for the weekend. ITS105 to Haynesville and Hodgdon as well as ITS83 are in excellent condition. They are serving lunch from 10 to 2 at their clubhouse on Saturday and Sunday. And don’t forget the ski trail that is groomed to perfection. 6.5 miles of woods and fields.

Mattagamon/Bowlin/ Shin Pond has all trails ready with great conditions. ITS85 to 71D, club trail 64 and ITS 114 south are all groomed. The folks at Shin Pond would like to encourage people to get out and enjoy March sledding.

Molunkus Valley Snow Drifters, grooming ITS83, 83 A and Bible Point want to remind people the Logan Trail from Rt.2 to the intersection of trail 3 will remain closed. After the big storm the snow, as well as drifting, was piled high which makes it impossible for the groomers to get through. There are also log trucks using the road that can’t stop fast enough for sledders riding through.

Big Valley Snow Club, grooming ITS112, ITS83 north, 60 to Oakfield and ITS83 south to Sherman report excellent conditions.

The Smoki-Haulers of Oakfield have covered ITS83 north and south, ITS83 east to west, and club trails 60 and 61. The groomers will be out Wednesday night into Thursday.

The Meduxnekeag Ramblers are up and running again after last week’s breakdowns. As with all the clubs in Southern Aroostook the trails, ITS83 north to Monticello, ITS86 south to Houlton, ITS105 to Hodgdon, ITS86 west to St. Croix Stream and club trail 81 are in excellent condition. The club is also still hosting breakfast from 6 to 9 a.m. at the clubhouse on the Wiley Rd.

The Oxbow-Masardis club groomer has been going non stop since we got back from their breakdown.  ITS 85 has been groomed from Masardis to Lane Brook turn, They hope to hit it Thursday night and Saturday.  ITS 86 is groomed and had significant drifting, they plan on doing it again on Friday. Trail 71A has also been groomed.


The Angel Snowfest is this Saturday, March 9, at Lakeview Restaurant in St. Agatha.

Ashland Snowmobile Club will be having their annual auction fundraiser at 6:30 this Saturday night at the Ashland VFW.

Gateway Snowmobile club will be having a breakfast March 17 from 7-11 at the Van Buren Community Center.  Snowmobiles will have access from ITS 81; watch for signs.

Fort Fairfield will be having a breakfast this Sunday, March 10, at the clubhouse from 7-10 a.m.

Washburn Trail Runners clubhouse will be open Friday and Saturday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. to 12.

Saint Francis Sno Angels will have their clubhouse open for lunches starting at 11 a.m.

Pleasant Ridge Riders will be hosting a breakfast on March 17 from 7-10 a.m. at the clubhouse in Caswell.

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