Walls, nothing but walls

To the editor:

All I hear and read about these days are walls, walls, walls, and well maybe some fences. President Trump and his Republican followers are obsessed with walls and fences. They see walls and fences in their dreams, their drinks, their front yards, even cartoons.

A once famous president (Reagan) once said, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” That infamous wall, by the way, was the Russian Berlin wall; it was built to keep their citizens in, not built to keep foreigners out. In time, it was torn down as it was a complete failure. These days, we have an infamous president tweeting and whining about building a wall (fence) between the United States and Mexico, with his fanatical followers aiding and abetting his obsession: as proof, check out the Saint John Valley Times last two publications, FoxNews, Twitter and Facebook.

What, exactly, are Republicans afraid of? We have neighbors (Canada) to the north of us, yet no cry for a wall there. A  lot more terrorists can cross that 5,525-mile Canadian border in one day than any that can cross the border of Mexico in a year. Many more drugs can come across a non walled Canadian border than Mexico.

So what is different? Ah, yes, skin color. You see Mexicans and South Americans are not white. Republicans are afraid of skin color. They fear for their wives and daughters and the possible miscegenation, colloquially called racism. So much so, that their homes, pickups, and fishing cabins are full of guns, knives, and ammunition, enough to start a small scale war. The fear is palpable. You can hear it in their voices and letters to the editor.

The Great Wall of China failed to prevent the Manchus from conquering China and creating the Qing Dynasty in 1644. The walls of Constantinople did not keep out the Fourth Crusade in 1204. The Maginot Line of World War I failed to stop the Germans from conquering France. The 3,231 mile long Atlantic wall built by the Germans failed to stop invading forces. Walls are imaginary security blankets for the very insecure. They also don’t work due simply to the fact that humans are a very clever species, and no wall will ever stop them from getting through, under, or over them if they are so inclined.

So what is to be done? Well for one, you can’t convince or change the minds of the already converted; that is quite evident and is a complete waste of time, like trying to fill a barrel with water with no bottom.

The most efficient and successful way to get our government back is to vote a straight Democratic ticket come 2020. Once that is accomplished, America can then start to fix the damage that Republicans have done to our nation and our Constitution for the past 30 years. E pluribus unum.

James P. Chasse
St Agatha  

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