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Second-graders share feelings of thanks ahead of holiday

FORT KENT, Maine — With Thanksgiving approaching, students in Stacy Belanger’s second-grade class at Fort Kent Elementary School shared on Friday what inspires them to feel thankful.

The holiday art of other students is displayed on the wall behind the students.

Photos courtesy of Stacy Belanger

Logan Thibodeau, 7, of Wallagrass said he is thankful for his “mommy and daddy,”  Adam and Danielle Thibodeau. Logan said the family is looking forward to enjoying a Thanksgiving meal of turkey and deer meat on Thursday.

The youngster said he also is thankful for the special memory of a family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge near Boston several years ago.

“It’s a place with tubes and outside water slides,” he said. “There’s a tunnel where you go outside and one that goes very fast, one with no lights; you can’t see. Then they have a big, big water slide tube. You don’t carry it up; it’s so high the tube has to go on a machine. You go through a hole and end up outside in your swimming trunks.”

Logan, who enjoys math and plans to become a disc jockey when he grows up, said he is also thankful for his classmate Molly.

Molly Cairns, 8, of Fort Kent said she looks forward to spending time with her father, Rick Cairns, and, her mother, Jill Bouchard Cairns during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I’m thankful for my mom, dad, sister, Jesus, God and Mary,” Molly said. “I’m also thankful for the Earth, because if there wasn’t the Earth I wouldn’t be alive.”

Molly said she has two favorite things about Thanksgiving — “turkey and we have a grateful pumpkin. We write something we’re grateful for on the pumpkin and put (the pumpkin out) for a decoration whenever we’re eating Thanksgiving dinner, and I’m excited to do that.”

Molly plans to become a nurse someday.

Drew Belanger, 7, of Eagle Lake said he is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his parents, Stacy (who is also his classroom teacher) and Mark Belanger.

“The first thing I’m gonna do is eat turkey dinner. I love turkey dinner,” Drew said. “I’m thankful that I have a healthy mommy and daddy and we all get to eat nice food for Thanksgiving.”

Drew plans on becoming a firefighter and a fisherman when he grows up.

“I like to hunt too,” he said. “I won a first place trophy for a togue. My dad teaches me a lot how to fish.”

Hannah Pelletier, 7, of Fort Kent said she is looking forward to eating a turkey supper on Thanksgiving Day with her parents, Shelly and Jeffrey Pelletier, and her memere and pepere, Reno and Linda Cyr. The aspiring teacher said she is “thankful for my freedom and family, my school and my education.”

The students and their classmates also created turkey-themed artwork to celebrate the holiday. The youngsters and their loved ones worked together at home to design paper turkeys which they decorated in the likeness of their favorite community workers or the workers the students aspire to become when they grow up.

Among the projects, the students designed several police turkeys and woodsmen turkeys, an EMT turkey, a farmer turkey, a guitar player turkey and a veterinarian turkey appropriately named, Dr. Turkey.

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