UMCE forest adds three trees

EDMUNDSTON, New Brunswick — The “Wooded Babies of the Salon de la Forêt” will soon become a forest.

Located downstream from the Université de Moncton, Edmundston Campus’ Forestry Pavilion, the territory has three more trees to celebrate the birth of the first child born after the opening of the Salon de la Foret in Edmundston from the last three years.

New to the area are a Dolman crabapple planted in honor of little Anna Landry of Clair (born May 22, 2016), a lime tree for Jeanne Cyr of Edmundston (born May 6, 2017) and a red oak for little Adam Nouari of Edmundston (born May 3, 2018).

The three children were invited to have their picture taken with their parents on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

The collection of “wooded babies” includes 16 trees. The first, a bur oak, was planted in 2003 in honor of Joey Lagacé, of Drummond, who is now 15 years old.

There are also a large-fruited oak (for Joey Lagacé, from Drummond, 2003), a black walnut (for Marylou Bossé, from Edmundston, 2004), a crabapple tree (for Tatiana Godbout, from Grand Falls, 2005) , a red maple (for Alycia Francoeur, of Edmundston, 2006), a honey locust (for Samuel Beaulieu, of Saint-Léonard, 2007), a hackberry tree (for Alexandra Lagacé, of Baker-Brook, 2008), a phellodendron (for Ramielle Levesque, of Edmundston, 2009), a horse chestnut (for Noah Guay, of Grand Falls, 2010), a butternut tree (for Nikola Toussaint, of Edmundston, 2011), a birch Royal Frost (for Alexa Bellefleur, from Grand-Sault, 2012), a sugar maple (for Zoély Chouinard, from Saint-Basile, 2013) a Japanese lilac (for Zack Godin, Edmundston, 2014) and a plaster salute “Prairie Cascade” (for Ella Desroches, of Saint-Jacques, 2015).

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