White male entitlement dates back to Old Testament

Those who make pacts with the Devil should not whine when that Devil reneges on that pact.

As I watched the Kavanaugh hearings, observing the 11 angry Republican white males, sitting there steaming, full of anger and rage, like spoiled entitled young children, with disdain on their faces probably asking themselves, “..how dare this woman, this harridan, come forward and accuse this fine judge of attempted rape when she was 15, where he, a rich spoiled 17 year old with another rich spoiled friend of his, tried to rape her! How dare she!”

I racked my brain cells for a while trying to figure out where this repressed anger came from, this disdain they exuded; what were they so angry about. Then it dawned on me like a loud bolt of lightning: of course, it’s their religion and their Bible.

Evangelical Christianity is a patriarchal religion, where the men rule while the women obey. It all started with that gal Eve, who with ease, tempted that weak male partner of hers with that apple (a nice word for something else), and of course weak Adam succumbed like a fly on horse droppings. And that made the biblical God furious! “How dare she,” he said, and so both were cast out of the Garden of Eden to suffer the trials and tribulations they have been suffering ever since, especially Eve and women, who was made the perpetuator of the human race, and to suffer the indignity of having weak Adam lord it over women ever since.

It’s all there in the Old Testament: Women are nothing but servants and breeders, to serve and obey the precepts, laws and rules of a culture ruled and led by a pack of old, conservative, patriarchal, impotent, windbags.

On rape of young girls, see Exodus 22:16-17: hey, just marry her or pay her father for it. In 1 Timothy 2: 12, “Let the women learn in silence and subjection”, 13-15 has Paul state that women are less intelligent than men and should obey them. Ephesians 5:22-33, Collossians3:18. 1 Peter 3, has Paul and Peter state that women are lesser than men, and that they should be submissive to their parents and husbands. They even stoned wives if found after marriage that she was not a virgin, Deu 22:21 (males only paid a bribe for rape).

There are many more such passages stating where women stood in this cultural melange. Interestingly, these supposed Christians, who supposedly follow the teachings of Jesus, do not follow the precepts of their own messiah on women: which is next to nothing in the official church gospels. But whatever there is, Jesus treated women fairly and justly — see Luke 7:36-50, John 8:3-11, Luke 8:39, Luke 8:44, John 8:3-11.  

Therein lies the reason of why Kavanaugh, a rich, white offspring of rich white Christian parents, who clearly attempted to rape a 15 year old, was never the less elected to sit on the highest seat of our judicial courts, the Supreme Court. Shame!

James P. Chasse

St Agatha

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