The world is laughing at Trump and America

On 25 Sept, Trump stepped up to the podium before the United Nations General Assembly and braggingly said: “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America is so thrilled. [Laughter] I did not expect that reaction, but that’s okay.” More Laughter.

This is, of course, absolute Trump nonsense, as he has not done any such thing; and the UN audience, knowingly aware of this, laughed at him and indirectly at America. The world is laughing at us and Trump. In the aftermath, Fox News, Trump’s propaganda outlet, edited the clip, taking out the laughter, so when 18 million followers now see the edited video, they don’t see the humiliation and the laughter.

When I watched Trump that day, I felt a great sense of loss and a sinking feeling that our country is descending into a third rate nation, being led by a clown, a politically bought corporate Republican Party, and totally deluded cult followers. America, a great nation, is now being degraded and denigrated, now being pulled apart by perverse and sinister forces. No American president has ever been laughed at by a world audience on a world stage, none: it has never happened, and is humiliating to say the least.

America is at a crossroads with Trump, an ethically corrupt corporate Republican party, and religious cultish followers. Either we go high and elect Democrats to the House and Senate come this November to save what we consider a great nation, or we go low and see America descend into a dark shadow of what greatness it used to have.

The moral and ethical morass that Trump, his cult followers, and Republicans are leading American society and culture into is astounding. I’m amazed to what level these supposed moral and ethical Christians are willing to descend in order to support this moral and ethical degradation called Trump, who one day wave their bibles in defense of those Christian values, and in the next support and cheer a sexually depraved self-aggrandized liar and sexual predator.

What Christian values are these may I ask? What moral and ethical value does this provide? Are we now to teach our children that lying and treating women like sexual objects is now OK? You can’t have a fair and open society if this is the case, as this only spells a swift and quick descent into social decay and moral turpitude.

Americans who value a morally and ethically oriented nation need to vote this November and in large numbers. We need to reclaim America, a nation founded on high principles of fair play and equal justice for all.

James P. Chasse

St. Agatha

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