Trump and the land of Oz

In 2007-2008, under a Republican administration, the greatest global economic crisis since the 1930s Great Depression occurred. Millions of jobs were lost. Millions of homes were foreclosed on. In 2009, Barack Obama inherited this economic mess. In 2009, unemployment hit 10.2 percent and the real GDP was -2.8.

For 8 years President Obama decreased the unemployment rate and increased the GDP and the economy. In 2017, on Trumps’ inauguration, the GDP was 2.3 and the unemployment rate was 4.1.

Trump in 2017 inherited a flourishing economy and it is still flourishing due to the actions taken by Obama and not because of any actions Trump has taken. In fact, due to erratic and irrational actions, like his tariffs, Trump may yet impact the economy in a negative manner. To have nursed a crashed economy, one deemed as bad as the 1930s Great Depression, back to health in 8 years, deserves praise, not opprobrium

This is what Trump said in Helsinki: “I have great confidence in my intelligence people. But, I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. He just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

Trump later tried to revise what he said by saying he meant “wouldn’t” instead of “would.” For those into English grammar, saying wouldn’t does not change the meaning of the sentence: He is still saying he trusts Putin MORE than our intelligence agencies, of which we have 17 (I call this treason).

As to “Russian Collusion” being known before the election, Eugene Kiely in FactCheck.org makes this whole matter clear. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and the intelligence committees members in Congress and the Senate, have known since 2015 that the CIA and our intelligence agencies were monitoring Russia.

In other words, FBI Director James Comey, a Republican, knew of the Russian investigation into Trump, yet decided to brief Congress on Hillary and her laptop right before the Election, which action decidedly gave the election to Trump.

While in a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Ouellette asks: “Is President Trump any closer to the Russians than Obama was to the Muslims? I think not.”

I, however, ask: Who is being investigated for conspiracy with Russia? It isn’t Obama. And last I looked, neither is Obama being investigated for conspiring with Muslims.

“In the 14 months since Robert S. Mueller III was appointed to oversee the investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, he has issued more than 100 criminal counts against 32 people and three companies. Of the 32 people, five — including three Trump associates … “ the NY Times reported in February.

Mr. Mueller has way more information about the investigation into the Trump conspiracy than we, the public, know at this time. A lot more surprises are forthcoming.

These are “facts,” Mr. Ouellette.

James P. Chasse

St Agatha

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