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Father’s Day is every day for proud St. John Valley dads

ST. JOHN VALLEY, Maine — Whether they spend their time picking out Christmas trees as a family, hunting or hiking together in the northern Maine woods or going for a bicycle ride once the weather allows, St. John Valley dads and their children live Father’s Day year-round.

The Malmborg family enjoys searching for a Christmas tree last winter. Family members, from left, back, are Beth Malmborg, Kris Malmborg (holding Madilyn Malmborg), and Noah Malmborg. In front are Ethan Malmborg and Preston Malmborg. (Courtesy of Kris Malmborg)

Kris Malmborg of Fort Kent is dad to sons Noah, 18, who is currently serving in the United States Air Force, Ethan, 10, Preston, 7, and daughter Madilyn, who is 1-year-old.

“He has a lot of old stuff like old tractors. We like to ride on the tractors. We work in the garden together and we like to ride in the Beetle a lot. It’s a car,” Ethan said of his dad.

“I love him. He plays with me outside. He jumps on the trampoline with us and he does sports too,” Preston added. “He does stuff with Madilyn too. He plays with her outside on the trampoline. We ride on the old Farmall tractors.”

Joey Ouellette of Fort Kent enjoys a day of partridge hunting with his daughter Avery (left) and son Gabe. (Courtesy of Joey Ouellette)

“We have quite a few Farmall tractors,” Malmborg said. “I love just being able to show them everything I know and being able to hang out with them because they definitely keep us young and we have fun teaching them stuff like gardening. It’s  good to pass on that type of knowledge as well.”

Mark Belanger of Eagle Lake is dad to son Drew, 6.

“My daddy is good to me. He does a lot of stuff with me like go fishing and hunting. He has a good heart. He snuggles with me every night,” Drew Belanger said.

“Being a dad has been the most rewarding experience yet one of the biggest challenges,” Mark Belanger said.. “I love watching my boy grow up and teaching him the things that my father and grandfather once taught me, especially hunting and fishing and having an appreciation for the great outdoors. I hope to instill a love for God and for people in his heart so that one day he will learn that the most important things in life are not materialistic.”

Travis Guy of Fort Kent is dad to daughter Abigail, 11, and son Caleb who is almost 9.

“My favorite thing about my dad is we get to play together,” Abigail said.

Fort Kent dad Travis Guy and his children, Abigail (left) and Caleb enjoy a summer bicycle ride on the Heritage Trail. (Courtesy of Jodi Guy)

Caleb said what he loves about his dad is “that we get to go on lots of fishing trips and bike rides.”

“I enjoy getting to share experiences with not only my children but as an entire family.  Seeing the joy and pleasure we all get from each other is very fulfilling,” Travis Guy said.  

Joey Ouellette of Fort Kent is dad to daughter Avery, 11, and son Gabe, 9.

“I know Father’s Day is a pretty special day for dads. I feel like every day is Father’s Day,” Ouellette said. “Last year, my son asked me how many times I told him I loved him. I told him that conservatively, I told him I loved him at least three times a day since he’s been born.  He was 8 when he asked me that, so three times 365 times eight. I told him the estimate was about 8,800 ‘I love you’s.’ I have a daughter that is a year older than my son, so total, that’s about 20,000 ‘I love you’s’ since they have been born.

“This week, as they walked out the door for school (and were apparently too old to say, ‘I love you’), I quickly opened the door and said, ‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’  They said, ‘I love you, dad!’ That’s what Father’s Day is all about.”

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