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Mason addresses Maine Republican Convention May 5

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LISBON FALLS, Maine — Today, Garrett Mason addressed the Maine Republican State Convention in Augusta, laying out his goals as Maine’s next Governor to put Maine First.  Throughout his speech, Senator Mason referenced Maine’s cherished history and the state’s Republican and business leaders of the past. Mason told Republicans from all across Maine that it was time to “dream big” again, because “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.”

Citing the turn in Augusta when Republicans took over in 2010, Mason told voters that he is the proven and tested conservative choice in the primary.

“In eight short years, we have stabilized Maine’s economy and reined in state government.  We have made it not only tolerable, but attractive to do business in our state again, and that is why wages are up and unemployment is down.

We inherited a tax code that left Mainers among the most heavily taxed people in the country.  Acting on our long-held Republican beliefs, we cut taxes—passing the largest tax cut in the state’s history.  We eliminated 70,000 low-income people from the tax rolls entirely. We did this without harm to the state budget, which saw revenues increase by hundreds of millions of dollars.”

As Governor, Mason promised the following:

“Our long-held dream of eliminating Maine’s personal income tax is no longer a dream.  It is an achievable opportunity that lies directly before us. Using the surplus created by our last round of tax cuts and continuing the new tradition of frugal government spending, I will continue to reduce our income tax until the day it reaches zero percent.”

“As your governor, I will work tirelessly to improve our public schools, because two-thirds of our students today cannot do basic math and that is unacceptable.  Technology will dominate our future and technology is all about math. I will work to redirect our educational efforts at all levels to prepare our young people for the demands of the world they will face tomorrow, not the one their grandparents lived in.”

“As your governor, I will reform the citizens’ initiative process, taking it back from the special interest groups and returning it to the people.  I will continue to expose the lies and half-truths that too often dominate our public discourse and our election campaigns.”

“As your governor, I will ask one simple question when it comes to the Second Amendment: What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?”

“As your governor I will always be on the side of life and will fight to protect the rights of those born and unborn.”

In the end, Mason made it clear to voters that it is imperative to have a Governor who is ready on Day 1, and that he is the clear choice to move our state forward into its third century.  

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