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Garrett Mason Announces Coalition of Pastors’ support

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LISBON FALLS, Maine – Gubernatorial candidate and Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason announced his statewide support of pastors. Garrett has been traveling across the state meeting with pastor’s and their congregation, and he is thankful to have so much support behind his campaign.

“It is an honor to have the support of so many pastors in Maine. I was raised in a Christian home where I learned the values of hard work, self-reliance and humility.  Through our church, I have fond memories of working on bus routes, visiting nursing homes, and serving Thanksgiving dinner at our yearly community meal. Those experiences are what led to my passion for service and politics,” said Senator Mason.  “They taught me that public service is paramount to bringing the kind of change we want to see in the world.”

Pastor’s Coalition:
Pastor Dave Garnett – Open Door Baptist
Pastor Steve Christner – Calvary Baptist
Pastor Jon Jones – Lisbon Falls Baptist
Pastor Chuck Eanes – Four Square Gospel Church
Pastor Troy Nelson – First Baptist
Pastor John Eckhardt – Family Christian Fellowship
Pastor Dave Homchuck – Calvary Chapel
Pastor Todd Bell – Calvary Baptist
Pastor Christian Gumprecht – Marston’s Corner Baptist
Pastor Joshua Lovelace – Truth Baptist Church
Pastor Gary Ouellette – Grace Baptist Church
Pastor Paul Swihart – East Hebron Baptist Church
Pastor Matt Ward – Charleston Church  

“I’m encouraging you to vote for Garrett Mason our next Governor for the State of Maine. Garrett is my great nephew and I have known him from birth. He grew up in my church and I can say with confidence that if there is ever a man that had leadership qualities it is Mr. Mason. He can work with people, in my estimation, to accomplish great things for the people of Maine. I will give him my vote and full support as our next governor.  I ask you that you prayerfully consider doing the same.

And I say again, please give your vote and support for Garrett on June 12th.”

Pastor David A. Garnett
Open Door Bible Baptist Church
Lisbon, Maine

“I believe leaders should have a moral compass that governs their decisions.  For Senator Mason that moral compass is Christ! Hence he has my full support as Governor for the State of Maine.”

Pastor Todd Bell
Calvary Baptist Church
Sanford, ME

“I have known Garrett for over 10 years, as a friend, a community member, and as my state senator here in Lisbon. Garrett is not only a personal friend, but a man of character, and a man I trust, Garrett is the kind of person that I want working for Mainers, and leading our state to where we need to be.”

Pastor Jonathan Jones
Lisbon Falls Baptist Church
Lisbon Falls, ME

“I would like to thoroughly recommend to you Senator Garrett Mason for your consideration to become the next governor of the state of Maine. My wife and I have known Garrett for well over 20 years. In fact, my wife had the joy of teaching him in fourth grade. He was raised by incredible parents who were very supportively involved in his educational process. They set the bar high by being so involved in his education, their community, and in business. In fact both of his parents have occupied seats in the legislature.

Garrett will bring a set of skills both from business and from the Senate to the Blaine House that, in my opinion, will greatly aid the state is some wonderful ways. His heart to serve and represent all the people of Maine, not just choice groups of constituents, or special interest lobbyists. He has Maine at heart! Garrett is the real deal! Please seriously consider casting your vote for Maine by voting for Garrett Mason for Governor!”

Erick Ness -Pastor
Center Conway Baptist Church

“I believe in the core values that established this nation and consequently established this great state we call, Maine.  These core values consist of 1) Firm family foundation 2) Self assertiveness to achieve one’s goals 3) Solid education based on these principles 4) Taking responsibility through even difficult times and most importantly 5) strong Biblical values that guided our founding Fathers into making our great US Constitution and consequently this great nation.

Senator Mason is one of those men who hold to these core values. As a person who came from a strong home, Senator Mason meets these 5 criteria and many more, in my opinion, that make up what we call our “core values.”

His “background” is one of self-assertiveness and someone who has taken responsibility and worked hard to become the youngest Senate Majority Leader this state has ever seen. His Godly upbringing and Biblical values keep him focused on achieving his goals making sure his clear vision for Maine is set up as he becomes the next Governor.

Please vote for Garrett Mason for Maine Governor and you can rest assured that our great state of Maine will become a leader in the US under his leadership by placing Maine first.”

Pastor Josh Lovelace
Truth Baptist Church
Jefferson, ME

“I have personally known Garrett Mason since he was a child.  Garrett has always been conscientious and concerned with what is right.  I believe he has the character, intelligence, empathy and courage to listen and consider the people of Maine and then do what is right for our state without thought to his personal gain or political advantage.   In my 30 years of observing Garrett I have seen him consistently take a stand for God and right. I am endorsing Garrett Mason for Governor without any hesitation.”

Steve Christner
Calvary Baptist Church
Turner, ME

“As a pastor in the great state of Maine, I believe that we need to focus on the main thing, which is making sure that God has His place in our state. The Bible says in Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Now is the time to restore Maine and America to her former glory. I believe in order to do this we need governing officials that will allow God to help them in the difficult decisions of our day. During his time in office, Senator Garrett Mason has proven that he sees the need for God to help in these decisions. I believe that Senator Mason would be a great governor for our state and has my support.

Thank you, Senator Mason, and may God bless you!”

Tim Foster – Associate Pastor
Open Door Bible Baptist Church
Lisbon, ME                                                                                                                                                                                      

“It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I write this letter in support of Garrett Mason for Governor! I believe Garrett is the Right Man at the Right Time for the State of Maine.

Garrett has had a distinguished career in State Government, rising to become the Senate Majority Leader and I am convinced God has His hand upon him for an even bigger and better Leadership role.

Garrett is fiscally conservative and wants to relieve the taxpayers of Maine from wasteful government spending that is prevalent in Augusta. He supported a Tax Cut that is of great benefit to the taxpayers of Maine. His leadership in this area is essential to returning Maine to Economic Prosperity. He has cosponsored welfare reforms that encourages the needy in Maine to seek a “hand up” and not a “hand out.” He is working to improve the availability of vocational training for our students, and his support for charter schools has allowed students to fully explore their educational options.

He is seeking to empower the people of Maine by reforming a broken Citizens Initiative Process that has often been hijacked by small special interest groups, thereby diluting the influence of an important tool for the voters of the state.

Garrett is a solid Conservative voice who has his moral values shaped by his Godly upbringing. I strongly encourage you to support Garrett Mason for Governor as He SEEKS TO PUT MAINE FIRST!”

Pastor Christian Gumprecht
Marston’s Corner Baptist Church
Auburn, ME

Garrett Mason is a seventh-generation Mainer who calls Lisbon and Androscoggin County home.  He currently serves as Senate Majority Leader, also working in his family’s excavation business and leading on conservative causes.

In the months ahead, Garrett will continue his work by listening to the concerns of all Mainers and fighting everyday to make state government work for the people again.  He will use those conversations to pursue new policies that strengthen Maine’s economy, education system and citizen initiative process.

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