Accomplishments or not?

To the editor:

I have some comments on an article in the Times about “The Obama years – trials and accomplishments.” Although there were many good points mentioned in the article there were some things I have trouble calling accomplishments.

  1. Let’s not give President Obama too much credit for removing troops from Iraq. The fact is President Bush signed the status of forces agreement in 2008 stating all U.S. combat forces would be out of Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011. Obama actually tried to extend the agreement and leave some troops there but failed.
  2. Regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the fact that Obama championed this unpopular trade agreement can hardly be thought of as an accomplishment. Many people think of the TPP as just another drain on our economy. President Trump backed away from the TPP because he thinks we should negotiate trade agreements one on one, not in pacts; this way we can get the best deals.

Lastly on this topic, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the TPP without the U.S. and its 250 million consumers would be meaningless. This should tell us something.

  1. As far as health care reform is concerned, it’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t think affordable health care was anything more than a disaster. Many of the 95 percent of Americans that were insured were forced to buy insurance they could not afford. To bring this cost in line they were forced to buy insurance with high deductibles; the bottom line is they wind up paying insurance premiums and medical costs out of their pockets until deductibles are satisfied. Good for the insurance companies, not everyone else.
  2. Praising deficit spending because it was used to “stimulate the economy and all for the good” seems to be a stretch, too. Deficit spending is never good; it leaves debt to future generations of Americans to deal with. We elect people to office to solve problems, not add to them. Obama did nothing to solve the deficit problem. Like so many presidents before him he just added fuel to a fire that’s burning out of control.

Walter Crean

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