Snowmobile Trail Report — January 24, 2018

Well, the clubs in the Crown of Maine have certainly been up against it this winter.  We have gone through some of the coldest temps in a long time to, of course, our January thaw.  The thaw affected the whole County but the Valley escaped with the least amount of rain and were quicker to cool down, while the Central and Southern areas were affected a little harder.  

The Valley is reporting some great riding throughout. Where there were water holes these have been filled in and are now unnoticeable.

The central and southern areas still have a few areas of concern but they are fixing and marking these spots.

Trail 83B and ITS 83 from Caribou to Washburn is inundated with deer; please use caution.

Long Lake has been marked with stakes; please use caution.

Trail Info

ITS 92 — This trail is groomed and in great shape from Fort Kent all the way to the Allagash.

ITS 90 — This trail has been in good condition from one end to the other.  Just be mindful as in the Fort Fairfield section and the Caribou area through the swamps you might encounter a little water.   Deer have been reported off the Brown Road so please use caution.  There is a logging operation up off RT 228; please use caution.

ITS 120 — Allagash has reported they have done all the way to where they meet with Eagle Lake and reports are in good shape.

ITS 83 — This trail is in very good shape from one end to the other.  Presque Isle has a new route. They will no longer be going over the Presque Isle Stream and it has been barricaded.  The trail goes up by the Presque Isle Inn and Convention center and connects with ITS 88.  It has been completely signed.  The new map shows these changes.   There is a logging operation at the intersection of ITS 90W and 83, literally at the intersection; watch for signs.  Please slow down near the house in Westfield.  There will be a logging operation near Monticello in mid-January.  The reroute is about 20 miles long so you will need to plan accordingly.   Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters is reporting a 1.5-mile reroute that is a 1.5 mile, this section will be marked over the weekend.  Benedicta Sno-Gang are reporting their section of 83 is in good shape.  They are reporting more rain down this way so please use common sense during this warm-up.  

ITS 81 — This trail is connected all the way through There is a logging operation on the section in Grand Isle please watch for signs.   There is a logging operation where trail 98B and 81 intersect watch for signs.  Madawaska is reporting good conditions and will finish signing shortly.  Van Buren is reporting a few icy spots in the low-lying areas on their Hamlin section of this trail so please use caution.  Easton is reporting their section to be in good shape.

ITS 85 — This trail is open and in good condition all the way through.  There is active logging operation at the intersection of where Portage and Eagle Lake meet near Red River Bridge.  Frenchville is also reporting good conditions.  Fort Kent is reporting that there is a little ice on this trail north of the Fort Kent/Frenchville intersection. It is marked. Frenchville is reporting great conditions and all issues have been repaired.  Ashland is reporting that they have a few water holes; they are marked so please heed the warnings.

ITS 105 — This trail is in good condition.    

ITS 88 — From Fort Fairfield through Presque Isle, Aroostook River are reporting good conditions.  Ashland is reporting that they have some water holes they are frozen but caution is a must, watch for signs.  

Trail 61 —  in Washburn remains closed now.

Trail 89 — This trail is open to the Black Bear Lodge and connects with trail 102 which is the old trail 100 that Pleasant Ridge Riders maintains.  From this intersection North to 94 still has not been connected.  Caribou will put it on Social media when connected.

Trail 100 — Caswell is reporting that they are all over every section of their trails and reporting good condition.

Trail 71D — Closed for the season as there is logging in the Grand Lake Seboeis area.

Trail 81 — This trail is in great shape.

Chapman is reporting good conditions and they have repaired any issues.

Trail 73 and 73B are being maintained by Fort Kent and are reporting good conditions.  They are reporting ice on both sides of the strip road crossing so please use caution.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile Club reports a lot of moose traffic on the Number 9 Lake trail and Route 70A.

Number 9 Lake trail is in good condition, there is a washout and it is passable and marked.

Southern Aroostook Report

Meduxnekeag Ramblers — ITS 86 is groomed all the way to St. Croix Stream. ITS 86 East to Hodgdon is not passable with the groomers because of open water. The railbed from Houlton to Monticello is groomed and ready.

Eastern Maine Snow Riders will be out grooming 3, 3A and its section of ITS 110-tomorrow morning so it should be set for weekend travel.

Big Valley Snow Club, Island Falls, is out today fixing the trails after the deluge. Everything should be open for the weekend.

Benedicta Snow Gang — Due to flooding around the East Branch Bridge at Swift Brook — ITS#83 — Sherman/Whetstone falls is CLOSED until further notice. Water is still over the bridge. Please seek alternate routes. ITS 81 Sherman/Benedicta/Mattawamkeag cutoff has been groomed with low snow in the fields and icy conditions in some areas. The head groomer for the Mattawamkeag Roadrunners will not be grooming in Benedicta’s direction because of some areas of high water until next week.  

Shin Pond/Mattagamon/Bowlin Snow Club — The trail from Whetstone Bridge to Shin Pond is in good shape. The same goes for the loop to Bowlin Camps and Mattagamon including the Scraggly Loop Trail. The snow predicted on Wednesday did not amount to as much as hoped but the trails are still good.

East Branch Snow Rovers covered their section of ITS 83 from East Mill to Whetstone with no troubles reported.

Oxbow — Overall the trails are in pretty good shape. There was some overflow after the rain but the cold temps shortly after really help set it back up. The little snow and sleet on the tail end of the storm was a help also. We had to wait a few days to groom ITS 85 south because of an overflow about 18 miles south of Oxbow. We will be making that trip again today. ITS 85 to Masardis was done yesterday and is very good. ITS 86 will worked on tomorrow. The other 30 miles of trails in the Oxbow area have been done.

Rockabema has groomed from Patten on ITS 81 and ITS 85 to where they meet Oxbow. All areas are marked. The groomer will return to the area mid-week after the water has drained.  

Linneus Sno-sports – reports that there is a lot of water in the fields but will try to groom ITS 83 this weekend.

Molunkus Valley Snow Drifters are reporting water on ITS 83 as of Tuesday. The trail master says he needs one more cold night before they are back to grooming. He has Excavators coming Friday to help fix the trails so water won’t be a problem in the future. The Trail to Bible Point is passable as is 3 to where they meet with the trail to Wytopitlock.

Libby Camps opens for the season this weekend and is also grooming their trails. To access Libby’s, take 71D from ITS 85 between Shin Pond and Matagamon then on to the Scraggly Pond Loop. (There is a logging operation on the Oxbow North side of the lake). There will soon be another groomed route to the Libby Camps via the Huber Rd. off ITS 85 closest to Mattagamon.

On the Social Side

A reminder that Linneus Sno-Sports holds Bingo games at the clubhouse every Wednesday evening beginning at 6:30 throughout the winter.

Presque Isle Snowmobile Club has stew night every Friday starting at 5 p.m. at their Clubhouse.  

St. Francis Sno Angels Will clubhouse open on Saturdays from 11-7

Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snowmobile Club breakfast is cancelled for this weekend.

Washburn Trailrunner’s Clubhouse will open Feb. 5 for the season. Hours are Friday, 8-12; Saturday, 7-2; and Sunday, 7-12.

Pleasant Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club will have a breakfast fundraiser on Sunday January 28 from 7-10.  All proceeds to benefit the Groomer Fund.

Caribou Snowmobile Racing will host their 4th annual drag races on Jan. 28. Registration starts at 8 a.m. and racing at 11.  Check out the Caribou Snowmobile Racing Facebook page.

Groomer Fundraiser Breakfast for the Madawaska Snowmobile Club Sunday, Jan. 28, at 7 a.m. at the Madawaska Knights of Columbus Hall.

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