Snowmobile Trail Report — January 3, 2018

Another season is upon us and it is starting with a bang, unlike last year we are not going around with chainsaws and skidders to open the system.  With very cold temps before the snow fell and with the extreme cold we are experiencing now the swamps and lakes will be freezing up nicely.  All projects are reporting that they have been out several times and will continue grooming as needed.  Remember we are at the very early stages of the season and not all signs have been put out, so please use caution.  

There are a few areas that need mentioning about reroutes and trail closures now.  We are in hopes to get good news from the Cold Mountain Snowmobile club which is ITS 81 that connects with Van Buren, we should get a final answer by the weekend.  There is a section of trail 94 in the Van Buren section that will be closed until further notice, Trail 94 will not connect with trail 105.  Trail 96 off Van Buren cove will also be closed this year due to logging.

Moosetown Riders will be connecting to Escourt this year, it has been many years since this connection has been made.  They are currently making a loop ride until the logging is complete and can get all the way to Escourt.  They have decided to discontinue the Glazier lake loop trail.  Once the logging is completing they will continue.  Please keep updated on their Facebook page Moosetown riders.

Trail Info

ITS 92: This trail is groomed and in great shape.

ITS 90: Caribou opened their entire section of this trail this week and reporting in good condition. Please take it easy through some of the wooded sections where they run through swamps still a little skimpy of snow.  There is a logging operation off the Woodland road near the tower the trail will be signed for the weekend.  Fort Fairfield has come through and reporting no issues. Portage has also come down and reports good conditions.

ITS 120: Allagash has reported they have gone done all the way to where they meet with Eagle Lake and reports are in good shape.

ITS 83: This trail is in very good shape from one end to the other.  Presque Isle has a new route they will no longer be going over the Presque Stream it has been barricaded.  The trail goes up by the Presque Isle inn and Convention center and connects with ITS 88.  It has been completely signed.  The new map shows these changes.

ITS 81: This trail is not a complete trail as I write this report, there is a section that is not connected between Van Buren and Grand Isle, hopefully by the weekend it will be taken care of.  All other clubs who maintain this trail are reporting grooming.

ITS 85: This trail has a few gaps in between portage and Eagle lake, there is a logging operation in the same area as last year.

ITS 105: This trail is in good condition

ITS 88: From Fort Fairfield through Presque Isle, Aroostook River and Ashland have reported good conditions.  Ashland reporting a few water holes but with this cold it should set up solid.

ITS 86: Oxbow is reporting that they have a new section on this trail and will need lots of signage so they are planning on doing their section this weekend.  Houlton has been through to their turn around at St. Croix River.  Be sure to check out the new bridge that was installed this year.  They will also be going to the Border this weekend.

Trail 89: Will be opened for this weekend all the way to trail 94.  There is a new 4.5-mile section this year and it is all marked.

Trail 100: Caswell is reporting that they are all over everything.

Trail 81: This trail will be open on Friday.

Chapman has been out on their system and is reporting good conditions.  There is a short section of road being plowed to the bridge on trail 74. The bridge is being repaired.

Trail 73 and 73B will be opened for the weekend.

Madawaska will be out putting up their signs and markers this Saturday.  They are looking for volunteers to help this Saturday.  Meet at the clubhouse for 7:30, clubhouse is located on the Fournier road.  


St. Francis Sno Angels will have their clubhouse open on Saturdays from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snowmobile Club has breakfast every Saturday at the Clubhouse from 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Washburn Trail Runner’s Clubhouse will be opening on the 6th for the season. Saturday 7 a.m.-2 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m.-12 noon.

Pleasant Ridge Riders Snowmobile club will be having a stew night fundraiser on Saturday, January 13 from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. at the clubhouse on 17 Pleasant ridge road. All proceeds to benefit the Groomer Fund.

Pleasant Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club will be having a breakfast fundraiser on Sunday, January 28 from 7 p.m.-10 p.m..  All proceeds to benefit the Groomer Fund.

Gary Marquis is superintendent of the Caribou Parks & Recreation Department. He can be reached at 207-493-4224 or via email at

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