Fort Kent Community High School lists honor students

FORT KENT, Maine — Fort Kent Community High School has announced the honor roll for the first trimester of the 2017-18 school year.

School officials explained they score students on their habits of work (HOW), which involve the core values of respect, honesty, responsibility and engaged/invested learner. The honor roll is now determined by learners’ HOW performances. High honors status designates students who have earned HOW scores of 3 in every class; honors status means a 3 in every class but one.

GRADE 12High honors:  Brody Albert,  Alexander Beaulieu, Dylan Bernier, Jonathan Blanchette, Autumn Bouchard, Hunter Bouley, Megan Caron, Acelya Celik, Isabelle Charette, Jared Chouinard, Alexandria Daigle, Alexis Daigle, Jacob Daigle, Olivia Eno, Alisha Guimond, Savana Haggenmiller, Bailey Jackson-Pelletier, Megan Jandreau, Kenan Lagasse, Libby Lapointe, Cassidy Lovley, Mercedes Madore, Emily Marin, Chelsey Marquis, Kaylee Michaud, Danielle Nadeau, Toni Nadeau, Niko Naranja, Jordan O’Leary, Kiara Ouellette, Maxwell Ouellette, Kelly Paradis, Austin Pelletier, Jamie Pelletier, Lea Pelletier, Nathaniel Pelletier, Sarah Pelletier, Dominic Pitre, Savannah Plourde, Devin Rioux, Isaac Robichaud, Adrian Smith, Samuel Swope, Joshua Taggett, Bennet Theriault, Noah Theriault, Brandon Thibeault, Macey Thibodeau, Michelle Toussaint, Devin Voisine and Reece Voisine. Honors: Ian Christensen, Ashley Plourde, Alex Raymond and Sara Smart.

GRADE  11:  High honors:  Alyssa Belanger, Megan Boulay,  Mitchell Charette, Jonathan Chasse,  Tobi Cyr,  Caleb Delisle, Joshua Deprey, Andrew Devoe,  Lydia Dionne, Jasmin Dube, Isaac Dubourg,   Storm Eirman, Elexis Fournier, Sylvie Guimond, Camden Jandreau, Jacob Jandreau, Jordan Labbe, Ian Levesque, Alexis Lovley, Isabelle Lozier, Simone Martin, Britney Nadeau, Kayden Nadeau, William Nadeau, Lance Ouellette, Brandon Pelletier, Jacalyn Pelletier, Mikayla Pelletier, Sydni Pelletier, Immanuel Pettengill, Austin Plourde, Alyssa Raymond, Samantha Ricciardi, Sophie Saunders,  Joshua Soucy, Rylee Theriault and Alexis Wilson. Honors: Morgan Audibert,  Mikayla Bourgoin, Isiac Chasse, Brooke Daigle, Hannah Daigle, Ethan Delena, Katessa Hafford, Bryce Madore,  Lydia Pelletier, Reece Pelletier, Alex Roy,  Alexander Sutherland,  Logan Trombly and Makayla Voisine.

GRADE 10:  High honors:  Caleb Anderson, Breanna Beaulieu, Cole Bennett, Colin Biggs, Kevin Bonenfant-Dionne, Alex Bouchard, Jolie Bouchard, Brice Carson, Kaylee Carter, Zachery Chasse, Lance Daigle, Dawson Dumond, Madison Gervais, Kailee Guimond,  Desirae Hafford, Cady Hebert, Apurba Kaphle, Larry Nadeau, Rebekah Nadeau, Bailey O’Brien, Emily Ouellette, Austin Paradis, Eden Paradis, Paige Paradis, Santana Richardson, Jace Rocheleau, Samantha Roy, Amber Sandstrom, Emma Saucier, Madison Saucier, Riley Sibley, Aidan Sirois, Taylor Soucy, Carson Theriault, Amanda Thibeault and Shane Voisine. Honors: Ian Albert, Riley Alley, Kyle Blair, Evan Gagnon, Jacob Hebert, Cameron Kastl, Colby Leclair, Abigail Nadeau,  Austin St. Peter and Heather Whitley.

GRADE 9:  High honors:  Samuel Albert, Amanda Anderson, Raphael Babin, Macy Bard, Mckenzie Bernier, Savannah Bonenfant-Dionne, Ethan Bouley, Ashley Daigle, Caitlyn Daigle, Makayla Desjardins, Andrew Dube, Jared Dube, Morgan Dumais, Mya Eno, Mahraya Erickson, Anthony Fernandez, Samantha Gagnon, Ashley Gendreau, Jaren Hartt, Dylan Hebert, Jasmine Hodgkin, Brooklyn Horst, Shaylee Jandreau, Julia Labbe, Kathleen Lamarre, Logan Levesque, Calix Madore, Briana Mapes, Matthew Marston, Gabrielle Martin, Noah Martin, Kyle Michaud, Paige Michaud, Jana Nadeau, Ellie Ouellette, Lyndsay Ouellette, Mackenzie Ouellette, Aryan Patel, Lacy Pelletier, Syndey Philbrook, Jacob Raymond, Mark Robichaud and Celeste Ryder. Honors: Vance Albert, Kaleb Carney, Austin Dionne, Caleb Pelletier, Logan Pelletier, Logan Roy and Colby Theriault.

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