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Little Readers Review: ‘Shark Dog!’

The St. John Valley Times/Fiddlehead Focus has launched Little Readers Review to help students have fun with reading and writing. In this program, we work with local schools and national publishers of children’s’ books to bring new and exciting stories to the classroom, engage young people in reading and writing, and bring their opinions to the community.

For the debut of this program, Gloria Clavet and Joan Sirois-Albert presented the funny story of “Shark Dog!” to their third-grade students at Madawaska Elementary School. Students either heard or read the story, then wrote their opinions about this new book and shared them with us.

The instructors wrote, “The third-grade students were extremely excited about critiquing the book. They willingly shared their approval, the humor, the descriptive language, and colorful illustrations. The students were chosen for this task and felt empowered.”

School: Madawaska Elementary School
Teacher(s): Gloria Clavet, Joan Sirois-Albert
Book: “Shark Dog!,” Written and illustrated by Ged Adamson. Published by HarperCollins.

Publisher’s description: From author-illustrator Ged Adamson comes the funny and sweet story of Shark Dog: half shark, half dog, and a one-of-a-kind pet. Shark Dog is no ordinary pet. Sometimes when he does dog things, he’s more like a shark. And sometimes when he does shark things, he’s more like a dog. But when Shark Dog gets homesick, he starts thinking maybe he belongs with the other shark dogs. Will he go back to Shark Dog Island or decide to stay in his new home?

Readers Review

Aiden Gagnon, age 8 – I liked this story because the illustrations were funny. My favorite part was when the Shark Dog jumped on the boat.

Samantha Chasse, age 8 – I like this story because the way Shark Dog follows them. It was also funny. I like the part when he or she was at the beach and was swimming in the sand castle lake.

Alexis Berube, age 9 – I liked this story because it was so funny and so cute. The book should have had more funny things. The shark dog was being way too funny. Shark dogs are my favorite.

Shayne Lagasse, age 9 – I liked this story because it is funny, it had cool pictures, and it had good drama.

Oliver Pelkey, age 8 – I like this story because at the end he meets his friends again.

Josh Querze, age 8 – I liked this story because it was funny and liked the pictures. I want another story of shark dog!

Carter Guerrette, age 8 – I like this story because I like how the boy finds the Shark Dog and how at the end the Shark Dogs follow the boy’s father’s boat.

Jainnie Guillette, age 8 – I love it because it reminded me of my old dog, Max, because he loves to play in water.

Emily Sprague, age 8 – It is cute book because the book had a shark dog, and the shark dog was following the kid all the time, and one day she had to say goodbye to Shark Dog and at the end he followed her.

Makayla Michaud, age 8  – I loved this story because the pictures were colorful. The book was funny too. The Shark Dog was so cute. That story was really good.

Taylor Lizotte, age 8 – I Loved this story because it’s funny it has beautiful colors in Shark Dog and that’s why I love the book.

Ashton Guerrette, age 8 – I liked this story because the pictures were very pretty, shark dog chased the boat. He is a good Illustrator.

Hailey Thibeault, age 8 – I liked this story because shark dog was adorable, and it was funny how all the shark dogs were swimming after the ship. Also, I like the part where they found shark dog.

Violet Sirois, age 8 – I liked this story because of the pictures. They were very creative. Also it was funny to me.

Mya Gendreau, age 8 – I liked this story because it was unique, and it was really funny and cute.

Madison Ecker, age 8 – I really liked this story because it’s simple and the illustrations are clean. This is a good story for children like me!

Dasha Danilichava, age 8 ½ – I liked this story because, the shark dog was acting funny when it started to lick his or her face. I like it to because it was so cute and funny and I agree with Ged Adamson. I like the story!

Ava Toussaint, age 8 – I loved this story because the story was silly, and I never heard of a shark dog.

Lillian Grant, age 8 – I liked this story because it was funny and cute and the Illustrator’s work is very creative and colorful.

Matthew Ayotte, age 8 – I liked this story because it was a very funny story. I also liked the illustrations They were so funny.

Damien Bridges, age 8 – I like this story because it is funny, because he scares the people out of the water because he was scary.

Logan Wright, age 8 – I liked the story because it was cute, funny and awesome.

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