Is America committing democratic suicide?

To the Editor:

Eight of the world’s richest billionaires have more wealth than the world’s poorest 3.5 billion humans combined. There are, as of today, 2,043 billionaires, out of a population of 7.5 billion people; that’s .007 percent of the richest people on earth have more wealth than the other 99.993 percent. If they ran the planet, which they do, this would constitute an oligarchy, government by the few.

America still is, technically, a democracy, government by the people. But in the last 40-50 years, American democracy has gone, or is going, the way of the now extinct dodo bird. The American people have been bought, lied to, manipulated, and hood-winked by oligarchic moguls whose only reason for existence is to make themselves richer at all costs. They now control all of media; politicians; corporations; local, state and national governments; religious leaders; and half of American voters.

Most of mainstream media, watched by most of America’s 325 million citizens, is owned and operated by this oligarchy. And of course it is slanted and biased. They use fear, hate, racism, religion, guns, “fake news,” to manipulate citizens. They donate billions to their preferred politicians who will do what they  want. They have convinced a citizenry who make an average of $12 an hour that it is in their best interest to make $7, minus benefits, because, hey, Mexicans and Chinese will take their jobs away if they don’t. And all the while, more billionaires and millionaires are created, while regular citizens get poorer and destroy any potential future their children and grandchildren may have had.

I scratch my head on a daily basis and ask myself: Who on god’s green earth would be gullible enough to do such a thing and believe all the unending lies and fake news of this one-sided media fog? But, unfortunately, as I have found to my chagrin, many are that gullible.

For example: President Obama did save our auto industry after 2007. It is now thriving in 2017. But it isn’t enough for the oligarchs. Ford corporation now wants to move its Ford Focus production to China and import them back to the U.S. Well to them this makes sense as they will save billions while making more billions. The American auto worker is superfluous in all this, a minor cog to be disposed of like so much garbage.

Media will convince half of Americans that this is all well and good as it will really make America great again in a bigly way.

In the long run the worker and American citizen buy all of this hooey and flim-flam from the rich oligarchs, all while selling away their democracy one vote at a time. From what I can predict, I do not believe their children and grandchildren will enjoy living under a future oligarchic and totalitarian state their parents have willingly and gullibly created for them.


James P. Chasse
St Agatha

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