Maine could benefit from global warming

To the Editor:

    I am not going to dispute global warming or climate change as it is now called. I recently read of scientists who have looked at the positive effects of a warmer climate and the areas of the world that could actually benefit from climate change. They mentioned all the Scandinavian countries, Iceland, Greenland, Siberia, and Canada, yes Canada, our northern neighbor. Basically only the southern third of Canada is inhabited because it is simply too cold for anyone except the aboriginal people who have lived in the far northern areas for thousands of years. 

    Maine also could benefit greatly from a warmer climate. For the last 250 years, Maine’s number one industry has been wood and wood products. With a longer growing season, a harvest size tree could be grown in 20 or 25 years rather than 45 or 50 years. It would be great if I could plant a garden 2 months earlier in the spring and harvest 2 months later in the fall.

    I recently watched a documentary about Iceland and an organization that has been formed by people who are eagerly hoping for a warmer climate in their lifetime. With warmer temperatures they could grow more of their own food of which 90 percent is now imported. And if the glaciers do melt some and decrease in size there would be more land available for farming or building.

    Scientists state that if the glaciers melt in large quantities, the ocean levels will rise and there will be areas of land and buildings flooded. The logic of building or living at or below sea level totally escapes me.

    It is true that some species of plants or animals that cannot adapt might become extinct. But for the last 4 or 5 hundred million years, yes that’s hundred and million, for every species of flora and fauna that has become extinct another has moved in to occupy the niche vacated by the extinct species. That’s the way the earth has always functioned. I don’t think my life has been any less fulfilling because I haven’t had to share it with dinosaurs or later with sabre toothed cats.

    As far as the doomsday predictions of global warming, scientists say the world will not end from being too hot, but from a catastrophic freeze when the sun eventually burns out which is predicted to happen in 2 billion years.

Alan E. Allison

Eagle Lake

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