When wildlife resorts to extortion

FORT KENT, Maine — Living out in the woods as I do, it’s really no surprise most of my immediate neighbors have fur or feathers.

In fact, the entire land management style here on Rusty Metal Farm was created with the woodland creatures in mind.

A pond was dug to meet any aquatic needs, mixed stands of trees are left to do their own, natural things to create sustainable habitat for a variety of critters and there is minimum human impact on their domain.

Over the years, it’s been a congenial, live and let live arrangement.

But lately, I have the distinct impression my forest friends have started regarding me not so much as their benign landlord, but as their lackey. Moreover, I suspect they are organizing and making plans, and I honestly don’t think extortion is too strong a word for what they are up to.

Consider the birds.

One of the first things we did when we moved on to the farm decades ago was install birdfeeders around the house.

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