Simple math

To the editor:

There is another old adage:  “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”  Guy Dubay quoted a number of figures in last week’s attack on me and my motives in the school budget debate.  I reiterate: I am in this debate solely to focus attention on the quality and quantity of education to our young people, something that has been relentlessly slashed over the last 10 years.  Those figures are out there and do not lie.

Using Mr. Dubay’s own numbers:  If the 1970 budget extrapolates to $9 million today, and the current proposed budget is $6 million, it appears the budget has been reduced by $3 million.  But consider this:  In the early 1970s we were graduating 140 students per year.  Last year we graduated 40.  So, using Mr. Dubay’s methodology, extrapolating again, the current school budget should be right around $2.5 million.  It is $6 million with the vast majority going to wages, salaries and benefits, not to programs and services to students.

Go figure.

Paul A. Cyr

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