It is sap season, why not make birch syrup, too?

Making birch syrup has been on my to-do list for years. I am fond of birch-flavored beverages and am out there tapping maple trees each year as winter turns to spring. Birch sap runs right after maple sap is finishing. It just seemed like a natural fit.

I really wanted to tap yellow birch, as that is the source of our chaga, and getting multiple gifts from the same species has a pleasing completeness to it, but we have far more paper birch. Somehow every year the birch trees leafed out, and I wondered how I had missed it again, and vowed: “Next year I will be ready to get that sap…”

My husband was always a bit depleted after hauling all the wood required to keep our maple sap boiler going, and never expressed much enthusiasm for starting yet another sap rendering project. That may be another reason it just never happened.

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