Valley shows the way in continued international cooperation

To the editor:

Monday Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. Prime Minister Trudeau needs to be given historical information to serve as a key to open the door to continued international cooperation.

It’s urgent and there is so little time but maybe U.S. Senator Susan Collins’ office can get the message up to the ambassador level so the ambassador might be able to lay the message in the prime minister’s hands so that he could carry a message  of hope and cooperation from people living directly on the international border. We have a joint legacy to share as we plan together for our common future.

Our senators and ambassadors can look up Peter Charles Keegan online to bring up to PM Trudeau a message of amical living among peoples sharing a common border. Here then is the message for  PM Trudeau to bring up to President Trump:

Peter Charles Keegan (1850-1931) was a 10-term state representative in the Maine Legislature; in 1885, Keegan was one of five Democrats sitting in the Maine House with 146 Republicans.

In 1906, a Republican president, Theodore Roosevelt chose this Democrat to be the American representative to the St. John River Commission, now the international joint commission which regulates international matters between our two nations, the United States and Canada.

We have a long history of bipartisan and international cooperation coming from folk who live along the Saint John River whose talweg marks the precise border between our two nations at the northeasterly corner of the United States. A small school band from the town of Madawaska on that border marched and played at the Lincoln Memorial on the day before the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Like Peter Charles Keegan, a Democrat extending a hand of cooperation to Republicans, the children of Madawaska, Maine came down to Washington, D.C. as Americans extending a hand of hope and collaboration between two neighboring nations, the United States and Canada. We’re friends and partners in North American life.

Peter Charles Keegan represents that heritage. the Madawaska marching band represents the hope for the future. Let us not rush into judgement but let us give time for all our joint representatives to regard our common heritage carefully as we plan together for the future of our joint life on this God given North American continent.

Guy Dubay


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