Those ‘evil’ socialist and liberal politicians

To the editor:

It was the Pharisees, the Scribes and Herod (who all represented the rich) who crucified Jesus. Why? Because he was administering to and healing the poor and the sick. In other words, Jesus was preaching to the people in the lower rung of society and this worried the rich and those in power because Jesus commanded great power to disturb the peace and status quo if he wanted to. So they got rid of him by crucifixion. Does this sound familiar to our modern society to some of you?

Jesus was the ultimate liberal and socialist, if not a communist. He healed, preached and fed his flock for free! He didn’t charge a farthing for his efforts! This was a man in sandals and simple dress who lived in the desert, preached to the Gentiles and probably, at times, subsisted on grasshoppers and honey — Jesus was no rich Pharisee or Herodian. In fact he repudiated the rich and called them hypocrites.

So I was amazed at the rabid broadside our Gov. LePage leveled against “liberals” and “socialist politicians” in his written “State of the State Address”. At least 12 references were leveled against these supposed “evil” socialists and liberals. They are the cause for the “decline” in prosperity in Maine, so said the head honcho LePage (High Priest).

I wager that 99.9 percent of those who voted for and support LePage are Christian. They voted for him because they believe in his ideology: the poor are poor because of their own faults; the rich are rich because they work hard; politicians should serve the rich first; nothing is free; you work or you die. I could list more.

I also wager that these very same Christians go to church every Sunday with all the pomp and circumstance of the Pharisees and Scribes that Jesus railed against. Jesus called these fake Christians hypocrites.

Gov. LePage is a modern day hypocrite. He serves the rich, first! He and his fellow Christians simply have not read their Gospels in a LONG time, if ever, as Jesus was the ultimate liberal and socialist! Jesus’s message of serving the poor first and the rich last is simply not being practiced and is totally lost on these hypocritical Christians. Mind boggling, really, once you sit back and contemplate the complete disconnect between their Christian reality and modern wishful thinking.

If the Gospels are true, then all these hypocrites, according to Jesus, are doomed! The Christian gospels are a total repudiation of the rich and vain glorious. No matter how many times the rich drive to church in their Cadillacs and Mercedes, and these days 5-ton pickups, the rich will be last, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. And LePage and his ilk simply don’t see this if they believe Jesus is God and the gospels are true and holy! This is a stunning example of the psychology of denial, if there ever was one!

All my life while growing up Catholic, I always wondered at this disconnect between what was being preached and what was actually practiced by the flocks of Christian believers. Thankfully, there are and were some who adhered to and practiced what Jesus preached, but there are and were way too many who were and are the hypocrites that Jesus condemned (Never trust a preacher or leader who rails against society using the gospel of Jesus and who live in multi-million dollar mansions!) LePage is one of these. And so are his fanatical followers.

My advice: read and practice what your religion and Jesus preaches, not what your local rich man and preacher dictate and politicizes and you might, just might, become one of those “First” that Jesus preached about! Or change your religion.

James P. Chasse

St. Agatha


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