Honor and integrity

To the editor:

Zounds! I didn’t mention any names in my Jan. 25 letter to the editor, “Madawaska School Budget Tussle”. But it looks like a certain Mr. Paul Cyr of Madawaska seems to identify himself either with the “Right Wing Bullies” or “Right Wing Extremism” I mention. So I guess we know where he stands politically.

I had to chuckle at his insults! Me a fool! Wow! Maybe, just maybe, I was exercising my democratic freedom of free speech: “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit,” so said William Shakespeare.

And to be compared to a Koch brothers operative leads me to believe that Mr. Cyr simply did not read my letter as my letter is so left leaning it makes President Obama look Republican! (By the way, the billionaire Kochs are right wing Libertarian extremists worth $100 billion plus, who poured $1 billion into the 2016 elections to elect Trump and other Republicans, who just want more billions and who simply have no empathy for the sick, poor, elderly, jobless, homeless, climate, democracy, disabled, and the dying, and even some of the dire evils of capitalism.

In the coming years just count at who benefits the most when laws and legislation are passed; I wager it won’t be the “People”! The people are not being served, the rich are.

Mr. Cyr, the previous week, also sent another ad hominem letter attacking a certain Madawaska resident about digging holes: if you can’t respond to the message you then attack and insult the messenger, which is what Republicans operatives have resorted to these days (I sincerely believe that Republicans can’t argue any point whatsoever and that is why they resort to insults and invectives against their opponents). And I am amazed at the number of our fellow Republican citizens, once outstanding, who applaud and cheer this sort of bullying and despicable behavior.

I would imagine that Madawaska citizens have their hands full with this Mr. Paul Cyr and from what I do know, this Mr. Paul Cyr does have opinions, and they all seem to lean towards negativism and insults. It’s all insults and demonization and nothing constructive and positive with some of our citizens.

There are two other Americans whose last names end in Trump and LePage who are also of this persuasion and like to govern with ridicule, insults, fear-mongering and threats.

I commented on the Madawaska budget simply due to the fact that all Aroostook County communities are now facing losing populations, income, jobs, businesses, etc. This budget business is and will eventually affect every community up here in northern Maine. There will be business closures, reduced taxable revenues, loss of jobs, migration, declining population, etc. Maybe we could make it what not to do when these school budgets start to affect them.

What is happening in Madawaska is not the way civil people should be acting to solve their problems, especially when they know it will impact them soon and is unavoidable given the circumstances: the population demographics are changing and changing rapidly. And now with the threat of private and charter schools and the diversion of dollars once earmarked for our public schools potentially being diverted to these “for profit” non-student oriented, non-accountable debacles, the budget process for these communities will get a lot harder in the future.

And since Mr. Cyr likes to use quotes to insult citizens, I’ll be more honorable and quote this gem of wisdom: “A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful.” Charles W. Pickering.

I would suggest that Mr. Cyr start working on these more positive human traits and jettison his more negative traits, and maybe, just maybe, he will get something accomplished without all the insults and invectives!

James P. Chasse

St. Agatha

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