Letter to the editor: Bible as a law book

To the editor: Have you ever followed the legal argument of the Apostle Paul on how to move from one system of justice to another? Paul carries the legal argument beyond the book of Romans into the Book of Galatians. Paul plays politics even in court. He’s got governor Festus all confused.

Paul’s got more than simple citizenship. He’s got triple citizenship. He uses his Roman citizenship to push off the Jewish court. Of course in those days the executive and the judicial powers are not separate. With triple citizenship (Jewish, Greek and Roman), Paul understands the trinity better than either the Romans or the Jews. When he brought word of the resurrection to the Greeks in Athens, they laughed at him. But in Jerusalem (or was it in Ceasaria?) Paul was able to move his case up to the court of appeals.

Paul uses the word “law” 32 times in the book of Galatians telling those folks to watch out for the political arguments of the other party.

But with his understanding of the trinity , Which neither the Jews nor the Muslims today buy, Paul took us where the world had never been. It takes Christianity to bring the separation of powers into the constitutional structure we have today with the executive, the legislative and the judicial powers of our tripartite government.

Where does Paul’s politics – playing one court system against another break down? It breaks down when Nero pulled out martial law. Martial Law: might of power and to hell with whether God is a trinity.

But that brings us back to Mount Sinai where Moses threw the Tablets of Law at the Golden Calf. What God was being worshiped there? Answer: Money.

Oh my! [sic] How many lawyers have as yet to discover the world of Law in the Bible? But what Paul did to the Mosaic law opened the door to democracy even though in the end Martial Law would get him.

Guy Dubay

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